961FC15C-EE4C-455F-8D71-F62E16F75B98Adorabella is capturing the hearts of fans all over social media with her dope music and playful photo shoots!

After years of writing/recording music and performing in various underground hip-hop showcases, she is ready to take on the industry.

Adorabella was born in Yonkers, N.Y. and later moved to Passaic, N.J. where she spent most of her childhood. As a young girl she studied the arts; ballet, tap, dance and sports; basketball, softball, cheerleading. She even played the flute for the school band. Her schedule was full and kept her busy all year round.


Adorabella and music always had a special bond. Music made her feel good about life. She turned to music to lift her spirits whenever she was feeling down or needed motivation. She would listen to music, sing along and envision herself performing alongside the artist. She even practiced writing her own versions of songs that she liked and would perform them in her bedroom.

Her musical Influences include Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Chris Brown and Drake. She patterned her one-of-a-kind style of singing and rhyming after these great artists.

In High School she posted one of her ‘remixes’ on MySpace. It was her version of Lil Wayne’s smash single, “A Milli” ft. Corey Guns. She shocked her family, friends and classmates. No one knew that she had bars! The positive feedback gave her the confidence she needed to chase her dream of becoming a rapper. She began spending all of her spare time playing her piano and writing songs to instrumentals.

Adorabella began entering herself into various showcases in hopes of gaining more exposure.  At her very first showcase she won the hearts of the judges and the crowd.  Her showmanship and bomb stage performance advanced her to the finals in Tampa, Florida where she performed her newest track, “Tropics” and won first place!  The DJ’s in attendance were so impressed with “Tropics” that they began spinning it in the local clubs.

Bella returned to New Jersey feeling excited about her music career and ready to take it to the next level. A chance meeting with Chicago rapper Live300it did just that. He was much further along in his music career and had a very good grip on how the music business worked.

Live300it helped her find her unique sound, which she describes as an ‘old school-new school-Left Eye-Aaliyah type flow’, while coaching her on how to move in the industry. It wasn’t long before Live and Bella were inseparable and recording music together.

They have two amazing collaborations, “Live3Bella” and “Cold Water”. Since both videos debuted on the YouTube Channel they have over 15,000 views!

Adorabella’s ultimate goal is to become a successful artist and segue into a career in film. She has big plans to light up the silver screen with her colorful personality and Mona Lisa smile. Keep your ears and eyes open to see what’s next for this bright star.

Instagram:  @Adorabella.X

FaceBook:  Adorabella Capone

SoundCloud:  Adorabella Capone


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