Sam Hvze


Meet Sameerah Pittmon and her musical alter ego, SAM HVZE, from Uptown Philadelphia.
She fell in love with music at around 6 years old while listening to her mom blasting music through the house. “She would play everything from Mary J. Blige to Gerald Levert and I’d be right there singing along with her!”

HVZE began writing poetry at a young age. As the only child living with a single mother, she spent a lot of time by herself. She witnessed the many hard times her mom faced raising her alone. At the same time she faced struggles of her own when she began to question her sexuality. These factors made her relationship with her mother quite tense and they bumped heads often. With no one else to talk to, poetry became her best friend and the outlet she desperately needed to vent her frustrations.

By the time she reached high school, she transformed into her alter ego, ย SAM HVZE, converting her poetry into rhymes. Hearing her poetry over beats was fascinating to her! Now she was able to express herself and display her feelings through music.

The very first song she recorded was “What I Want”, produced by JXHN SCXTT. When she first heard the track it was love at first sight. She fell so in love with the track that the lyrics just flowed out. โ€œI was so taken by the track that it brought out a different side of me. A side that I didn’t even know I had. It is definitely the best high I’ve ever experienced in my life!โ€

Since that day she has continued to write poetry and songs and loves to freestyle over her favorite rappers’ beats. “I love music, itโ€™s my passion. I want people to feel good when they listen to my music and to be able to relate to it. I want heads to turn when my songs play. I want my songs to be the ones you play on repeat because you never get tired of it. I want people to get naturally high off of my music like I did when I first heard, “What I Want”.”

SAM HVZE aspires to have longevity in the music industry and heavily influence the game with her unique style. Check out her latest track, โ€œFreedom of Speechโ€, currently available for listening in digital stores such as iTunes, Spotify and TiDaL. ย Her music has already been featured on DESERT STORM RADIO’ which is streamed worldwide to over 37 countries! This is just the beginning…
Instagram: @SAMHVZE



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