Young Raw

Up-and-coming Rap artist out of Kinston, N.C.

YOUNG RAW is reppin’ for his hometown of North Carolina to the fullest.  His new mixtape, “Cocky & Confident 2: Back From The Dead“, is resurrecting the streets.
RAW has been making music since the early 2000’s, heavily influenced by Lil’ Wayne, Gucci Mane and Future. His first body of work, the “Cocky & Confident” mixtape hosted by DJ Bandz, was released in 2014.
“I would describe my music as raw.  I paint vivid pictures with my lyrics so people can see what’s goin’ on in my world.  I represent for the young ni**as out here gettin’ to it, whether it’s trappin’ or rappin'”. And gettin’ to it is just what he’s been doing…
His sophomore project, “Cocky & Confident 2: Back From The Dead”, dropped summer 2017 and hit the ground running! In less than one month “CC2” had close to 30,000 views and streams!
RAW admits that the mood on this new mixtape was inspired by his POWER CIRCLE team.  “I had been in the studio recording for the past three years but I hadn’t dropped any new music since I lost my brother Threezy. His death hit me real hard. He was supposed to be here with me making this music.”
The streets of Kinston, North Carolina ain’t nothing to play with. Unfortunately, losing a homie or two is considered normal for RAW, as is living a life of poverty, dropping out of school and falling victim to a life of crime. His neighborhood Kinston, North Carolina was even rated number 10 on a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America!
“Man, I literally come from nothing. This music is my gift and my passion. It’s my way to a better life for me and my family.”
That hunger and drive on top of his natural talent is what sets YOUNG RAW apart from the rest. His work ethic in the studio is that of a young Puff Daddy, always striving for perfection. “I took that anger and pain I felt from losing Threezy and put it all into my music. I lived and breathed the studio until CC2 was done.”
And the hard work is evident when you listen to the mixtape, “Cocky & Confident 2: Back From The Dead“, largely produced by up-and-coming producer/engineer SLEAZY and includes features from Lite Fortunato, KASH and Smoove. The lead single, “Back from the Grave” is shaking up the south and quickly buzzing up north. The official video already has over 3,000 views on the YouTube Channel.
Do yourself a favor and download this project! YOUNG RAW’s coolheaded delivery, clever play on words and his ability to surf those blazing hot SLEAZY tracks will NOT disappoint!
COCKY and CONFIDENT 2: Back from the Dead” is currently available for download and purchase in all digital stores, iTunes, Apple Music, TiDAL, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, Spotify and more.

Link to the official video for “Back From The Grave:

Instagram:  @1youngraw

Twitter:  @1youngraw

SnapChat:  young_rawww

SoundCloud:  1youngraw



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