New Artist: Riichylee

Meet Dashim Wan, stage name Riichylee, representing the South Bronx, New York.

Riichylee started rapping as a kid. He and his friends would crack jokes on each other in the form of free-styles. Their horse-playing turned out to be great practice for the future emcee. “It was a lot of fun free-styling with my boys! But one day I got introduced to some hot instrumentals and realized that I sounded even better over the beat.”

At this time DIPSET was in their prime. Heavy instrumental cds featuring DIPSET, 50Cent and LiL Wayne beats were being sold in the barbershops and local corner stores. Riichylee would spend hours free-styling to these cds. “I realized I had a talent for rapping and that if I took it serious I could be big, so that’s exactly what I began focusing on.”

Riichylee began writing raps to the instrumentals on the cds. He knew he had skills but was hesitant to display them because he felt they were too different and people wouldn’t understand or accept his style of rapping.

He has since grown out of that mentality and is comfortable in his own skin. Riichylee is building a huge buzz and his very own fan base. He has created a platform for his sound which is very unique, diverse and versatile. “I am an artist. I make swaggish, melodic, vibeful music. I don’t just rap, although I can bar ‘em to death! I’m focused and in my own lane.”

Riichylee always uses lyrical themes and concepts. He basically takes all of his talent, swag and style, balls it up and shoots it right into a song!

He is currently promoting his new EP, “SPACEJAM JUICE”, which dropped on March 3rd, 2018. The lead single, “Lit as Me”, was produced by JohnnyStoke and A1 Jovan, who are a vital part of his team.

This project is available for listening and download in all digital stores and the official video is available on the YouTube Channel.

Upcoming projects include ”SPACEJAM JUICE VOL.2”, a video game in the App Store called “Bud Bash and Bud Run” (Riichylee will be a character in the game that drops on March 25, 2018), and new music coming from his street team SGR (Starter Gang Records).

Keep a close eye on this young emcee and his talented team, 2018 seems to be their year!

Instagram: @Riichylee_

Twitter: @Riichylee

Soundcloud : TherealRiichylee


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