img_0392-1On March 28, 2018 Sirius XM Radio debuts “ROCK THE BELLS RADIO” a new channel created by legendary rapper and icon LL COOL J.

The channel is a brand new platform for classic hip-hop from its genesis up to the early 2000’s, aptly named after his smash hit, “Rock the Bells”.

And who better than the G.O.A.T., whose wildly successful rap career set trends and kicked down doors, to bring us this station? “Rock the Bells Radio is strictly for the OG’s. True fans of classic hip-hop will fall in love with this station!”, he says.

Turn your Sirius XM Radios to channel 43 and enjoy a dope mix of classic hip-hop tracks, interviews with your favorite artists and much, much more!


2 thoughts on “LL COOL J presents…”ROCK THE BELLS RADIO”

  1. Finally a station that represents the culture where it all began, taking me back to My childhood growing up in Queens, NY. I have so many fond memories. It was a time that will never be replicated or duplicated…. all love, loyalty, respect and above all else good music!

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