LeFrak City’s own…PEP57

New artist PEP57 hails from LeFrak City in Queens, New York. A hood where you’re either trappin’, playing basketball or rappin’.

PEP57 was wise enough to avoid trappin’. Instead he used his electric skills on the court to keep him off the block and take him on to college with a full basketball scholarship.

Once he graduated from college he decided to focus on his second love, music. “After college I decided to pursue another passion of mine, rappin’. That’s why the title of my upcoming project is, “CROSSOVER”. It signifies my transition from basketball to music.”, PEP57 explains.

Music was a big part of his life growing up in LeFrak City thanks to his Dad’s love of Hip-Hop music and being able to witness firsthand the rise of CNN (Capone-n-Noreaga). “Growing up in Queens it was like a tradition to listen to NAS and Mobb Deep and I watched N.O.R.E. make it out of the hood with his music. They all influenced me in different ways. Prodigy is my all-time favorite. He was intelligent, yet street, which is how I see myself as well.”

PEP57 describes his sound as ‘Queens with a trap vibe’. “I wanna talk to the streets with my music. I wanna motivate and inspire the young boys in my town. I know how tough it is to stay focused and make it out of the hood. I wanna give ‘em hope before they give up on themselves.”

Although he’s a fairly new artist, his upcoming EP, “CROSSOVER”, is highly anticipated on the underground scene. The visuals for his “Supa Sour” freestyle, debuted on 4/20/18 on the YouTube Channel and it already has hundreds of views!

“My ultimate goal as an artist is to make great music that effects people. When I achieve success I want to put my family and close friends in winning positions. I wanna get them all out of the hood.”

Look for PEP57’s “CROSSOVER” EP to drop this spring. In the meantime you can get a hit of his “Supa Sour” freestyle and check out his website,, for his custom-made merchandise and subscribe to his YouTube Channel, PEP57 Network for new music.

Official visuals for the “Supa Sour” freestyle:

Instagram: @PEP57


YouTube Channel: PEP57 Network


4 thoughts on “LeFrak City’s own…PEP57

  1. I just read this blog and it’s really good. I didn’t even know you had a passion to want to encourage younger boys who are coming up under you. That’s really good & exactly the same thing that I want to do. I want to be a motivational/inspirational speaker one day encouraging girls under me to never give up & go for what it is they’re passionate in life to do. Continue to be a great motivation to these younger boys! They will always remember the people who’ve had an impact in their lives.

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