Phil Murphy aka Thrilla

Meet renaissance man, Philip Micheal Anthony Murphy a.k.a. Thrilla.

This former basketball prodigy turned author, entertainer, artist and consultant was born in the Bronx, NY and raised in Queens.

Thrilla’s elite basketball skills were known throughout NYC. He amazed crowds from the Kenny Anderson Classic in Queens to Rucker Park in Harlem!

Phil graduated from Middletown High and headed to Texas Tech University for college. After his freshman year he was shot with an Ak-47 Assault rifle, crippling his promising basketball career.

Life as Phil knew it was changed forever. Determined not to give up on himself, he pushed through rehabilitation and went back to school. He persevered and earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

IIt was during this transitional period that he discovered his love for creative expression, film, photography and music and Thrilla was born.

In 2012 he explored his new-found creative side and made an academic model at Texas Tech University. This would be the start of many ‘firsts’ for Thrilla.

One year later he filmed his first documentary, “The Kover Girl“, and his first web series, “My Revelation“. In 2014 he wrote his first song and in 2015 starred in his first web series titled “What Happened To Love“.

And Thrilla wouldn’t stop there… In 2016 he performed his original music in front of a live audience for the first time!

Later that year he authored his first book, “Product of Determination – The College Years“. In 2017 he delved into the world of photography and published his “Flavas” poetry look-book.

Thrilla talent and hard-work in these various mediums did not go unnoticed. In 2018 his short film, “PIECES”, was selected as the Best Original Story at the Festigous Film Festival!

Thrilla is a true artist with a dynamic personality and a style like no other. His goal is to inspire others to find their passions, as he did, and live out their dreams.

“Inspiration and creativity is all around us and I enjoy seeing what I can create. I escape into my imagination and reflect on the hidden beauties of life. My experiences have taught me to listen, be patient and trust GOD. Seeking acceptance for my art and music has taught me the importance of perseverance and dedication. It challenges me to grow daily. Jesus is my role model. HE taught me what real love is. No matter what the masses have to say, HE’s the coolest being besides GOD! And GOD-willing I will continue to share my talents and ideas with the world and create dopeness for a living! I would love to win Oscars and Grammys to inspire others and show them that anything is possible.”

I believe the possibilities are endless for this amazing young man. We look forward to seeing what exciting places his bright future leads him to! Look out for his new video for, “False Prophets” dropping May 26, 2018.

Thrilla’s websites:

Instagram: @dippromotions


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