Jet Blacc Leek…new EP “My W🌏rld, My Way PT.1”

Introducing new artist and CEO of HUSTLEVISION MUSICJET BLACC LEEK from East Elmhurst, Queens, New York.

JET BLACC LEEK has been creating music since he was a child. He credits his brothers for helping to develop his ear for music. “I am the youngest so my brothers were forced to drag me around with them to the block parties and house parties they went to, so I always knew what songs were hot. (Laughing) As I got older I started writing raps as a hobby. Then around 17 or 18 yrs old I started taking music seriously.”

14 years of honing his craft has turned LEEK into beast on the mic! He named his unique sound and brand ‘HUSTLEVISION MUSIC’. “My sound is an authentic, original, unpredictable and raw style of rap. It’s street, yet it includes a little bit of everything. My sound has no boundaries…”

As is the case for most lyricists from Queens, JET BLACC LEEK is influenced by NAS and MOBB DEEP. His other influences include JAY Z, TheNOTORIOUS B.I.G. and SNOOPDOGGY DOG. “I would have to say that all of the greats have influenced me in some way, shape, form or fashion.”

JET BLACC LEEK’s newest EP, “My W🌏rld My Way PT. 1”, officially drops on June 29th, 2018. The first two bangers from this brilliant and deftly-produced EP are “The Go Down” and “10 x 10”. Both singles set the tone for the EP and perfectly introduce you to the HUSTLEVISION MUSIC sound.

LEEK is in the process of finishing “The HustleVision Music Mixtape Vol.1” while also dropping a hot, new freestyle every 2 weeks on his website:

“My goal is to be the best at what I do and make the best music I can. As an artist and businessman I plan to expand my brand to avenues beyond music. Music is just the first step towards HUSTLEVISION MUSIC reaching much greater heights. Like I said my sound has no boundaries, HUSTLEVISION MUSIC has no boundaries, the sky is the limit…”

JET BLACC LEEK is taking the industry by storm with his timeless sound and genuine Corona, Queens swagg. His explosive rhymes spit over sharp, hypnotizing beats bring his listeners into ‘his world, his way’. He is definitely here to stay and make his mark on the culture!

Visit JET BLACC LEEK’s website where you can listen to his new music, purchase HUSTLEVISION MUSIC merchandise and receive information on upcoming performance dates, times and venues.

Download his latest EP “My W🌏rld, My Way PT.1”, you won’t be disappointed. This EP is fiyyahhh!


The official promotional trailer for “The Go Down:

Instagram: @Hustlevision_leek @hustlevision_Music

Twitter: Hvision_Music

Official links to “My W🌏rld, My Way PT.1″ Digital Downloads:


Apple music:


Google play music:


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