On June 15th, 2018 NAS released his 12th studio album, “NASIR“, proving he is still the King Of Queens and one of the best lyricists in Hip-Hop, more than capable of holding his own among the millennial.

NASIR” debuted at #5 on the BillBoard Charts and sold just under 100,000 copies in its first week!  The album was released through NAS’ label, Mass Appeal Records.  It boasts 7 creative tracks produced by the gifted Kanye West and includes features from Puff Daddy and The-Dream.

NAS has never been one to shy away from social issues faced by his community and that hasn’t changed.  Track #2 “Cops Shot The Kid” ft. Kanye West samples Slick Rick’sChildren’s Story” and addresses the inordinate number of black men falling victim to undue violence by police.  Track #5 “Everything” featuring The-Dream and Kanye West contains a spine-tingling hook sung by The-Dream…”Dark boy don’t you cry, there’s too much life left in those eyes.  Don’t you let that face go waterfall, don’t you learn to love you scars and all.  Dark boy don’t you die, there just human let them lie.  You just know your world and speak your truth let them come to you for your love and your heart.

NASIR” is a great body of work, you won’t need your skip button.  And for those of us who actually appreciate lyrics as much as we love dope beats, thank you NAS!


Cops Shot The KidNAS ft. Kanye West


EVERYTHINGNAS ft. The-Dream and Kanye West


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