Introducing new Rapper and Songwriter, LYRA WILDER.

He is originally from East Orange, New Jersey, but he’s reppin’ his second home, Durham, North Carolina.

Music was a huge part of LYRA WILDER’s upbringing. His mother regularly played old gospel hymns and urban contemporary gospel, exposing him to a different genre of music than what he heard on mainstream radio. This peaked his interest and urged him to write his own music and create his own sound.

After spending years soaking up knowledge from veterans in the studio and manifesting his art, he began his independent grind. “When I was broke, all I could do was watch and listen. I gained so much knowledge during that time and learned every aspect of making music. Now I can apply that knowledge to my own projects.”

LYRA’s musical influences include Nipsey Hussle, J Cole, KendrickLamar, Juanita Bynum, Pete Rock and Lil Wayne. Theirdiverse styles contribute to his unique and progressive sound.

LYRA’s music brings a very fresh and modern sound to Hip-Hop. “It’s not only my lyrics that grab you, it’s the feeling you receive once you hear my music. I aim to separate myself from what is typical and normal.”

He is currently promoting his new smash single, “WOULD YOU“, produced by the brilliant, Nascent.

His complete project will drop on an undisclosed date. “I’m very impulsive! I may wake up tomorrow morning and decide its time to give my fans something new. I’m liable to drop it any moment. (Laughing)”

LYRA’s main focus is making great music for his fans. “The younger generation is in need of guidance and they’re looking to Hip-Hop for that. We can’t continue to feed false hope. The world needs a refreshing ear full of truth and that’s what my music brings. Music needs balance.”

Calling all dope producers and engineers…don’t miss the chance to work with this amazing and authentic new artist.

The word is already out. LYRA WILDER has already been named one of XXL Magazine’s ‘Artists to Watch in 2018’.

This is just the beginning… LYRA has set his sights on changing the landscape of the music scene.


IG: @Lyrawilder

Facebook: Lyra Wilder

Lyra Wilder’s “Would You” is Track #13 on DJ Young Cee’s “Fight Night Mixtape Vol. 86”:


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