NINABAND$$…sza/daniel caesar MashUp!

Introducing new singer/songwriter NINABAND$$ from Manhassett, N.Y.

NINA was humming tunes before she could walk.  By the age of 11 she was belting out her favorite song, “Let Me Be Your Angel” by Stacey Lattisaw and anything by Ashanti. Her parents and siblings couldn’t believe how mature her voice was!

Impressed with her voice and passion for singing, NINA’s parents signed her up for singing lessons.  She began training with vocalist Stephanie Oplacio, the assistant Minister of Music for the esteemed Allen A.M.E. Cathedral Cathedral Mass Choir and later worked with singer Shanice Wilson and her mother Crystal Wilson.

When NINA was 13, she and two of her friends briefly sang in the girl group “Touch of Pink“.  After two years, she decided a solo career served her better.  She currently works with the amazing Angel Higgs, who has done songwriting and vocal production for powerhouses Tamela Mann, Johnny Gill, TimbalandLedisi, and Anthony Hamilton to name a few.

NINA describe’s her sound as very soulful.  Her smoky voice drips honey and soft tones while her earthy lyrics express deep emotions.  “My family calls my voice velvet.  I honestly think it’s a little raspy, but still smooth.” (Laughing)

She writes music from her heart and aims to touch her listeners.  “I have always loved to write songs just as much as I love singing them.  God willing, I will be an inspiration to my peers and heal hearts with my music.  It is especially important to me to encourage other females.”

She listens to a wide variety of music but admits that Hip-Hop is her favorite.  “I love rap music!  But when it comes to Pop and R&B I love Miguel, Jhene Aiko, Ariana Grande and H.E.R.  I also enjoy veteran singers Evelyn Champagne King, Whitney Houston and SWV.  My previous singing coach told me my voice reminds her of CoCo from SWV.  What a huge compliment!  That made me dig deep and work harder.

NINA is inspired to make music by her generation.  Young people are growing up at a time when they face increasingly complex challenges and hurdles.  “I just feel like even though we are young, people my age go through so much and deal with so many things.  I want to be the voice that represents my generation.  I want to be the voice they listen to when they need someone to understand what they’re going through.”

Her deep affinity for music and desire to make a change in the world with her beautiful voice, set her apart from the rest.  “In my opinion there are so many amazing singers out right now, yet I don’t think they all sing because they truly love music.  Some just view it as a career.  I love music with my whole heart, it is the love of my life!  Singing brings me joy and I want to share that joy with the world.”

NINABAND$$ debuted her SZA/Daniel Caesar MashUp on YouTube July 13,2018.  She flexes her vocal muscles on this dope, creative mix of  “The Weekend” by SZA, “All the Stars” by SZA ft. Kendrick Lamar and “Japanese Denim” by Daniel Caesar.  In less than one week her YouTube video has close to 5,000 views!

She is currently in the studio working on original music to be released later this year…stay tuned!

Instagram:  @NINABAND$$

YouTube ChannelNINABAND$$

Official Link to NINABAND$$’ SZA/Daniel Caesar MashUp:



4 thoughts on “NINABAND$$…sza/daniel caesar MashUp!

  1. I’m so proud of my baby girl!!! You’re a STAR ⭐️ Stay focused, trust in God, believe in yourself and your dreams will always come. I love you 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so proud of you Beanz, stay focused and reach for your dreams. The sky’s the limit. There’s nothing you can’t achieve. You have a beautiful voice and plenty support. I expect nothing but greatness. Continue to walk in beauty and believing in God, There’s nothing you can’t do. Love you always

    Mama Sloan

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