new artist…Mally gee

Meet MALLY GEE, up-and-coming rapper out of New Jersey.  Originally from Trinidad, MALLY has fond memories of life as a child with his close-knit family.  “As a youth, I remember my family gatherings being a place filled with love, inspiration and music.  We would all grab different instruments and play together.”
He performed for the first time in Trinidad when he was 6 years old at a concert with his older cousin.  “It was a cool experience being on stage in front of a crowd.  The feeling was indescribable.”  His 2nd performance came a few years later at his 8th grade graduation.  “I performed NAS’ “I know I can” and from that point I knew music would be a huge part of my life.”
MALLY describes his original sound as a melodic blend of Soca and Hip-Hop with an upbeat, festive vibe.  “My music makes people want to be happy and free!  It’s set apart from the rest, it doesn’t sound like what you hear on the radio.”
MALLY GEE’s new EP “REBIRTH” will be dropping on August 7th, 2018.  The lead single, “Do Whatever”  is already smashing the internet with thousands of views on YouTube!  DJ Drewski from HOT 97 will be hosting MALLY’s listening experience and video shoot on August 11th in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  Please visit EventBrite for venue information.
Official Link to MALLY GEE’s “Do Whatever” video:


This video doesn’t exist
Official Link to MALLY GEE’s “Got that Buzz” video:


This video doesn’t exist

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