coming rap artist from Brooklyn. He’s been writing
rhymes since he was 14 years old and accredits his
love of music to his mom and dad. “There was always
music playing in my house growing up. All different
types, from the Isley Brothers and Earth Wind & Fire
to the Notorious B.I.G. and Mary J. Blige.”

Music has always been a huge part of his life.
Being raised in a rough part of Brooklyn, MARZ has
seen a lot and done things that he isn’t proud of,
which eventually led to him being incarcerated.
But instead of conforming to life in prison, his passion
for music kept him moving in a positive direction.

He used the time wisely, writing rhymes and rapping to
anyone who’d listen. “My love for music kept me going
when I felt like giving up. Even people telling me, “Yo,
you sound good man, you’re bars are tight!!”, helped push
me through the darkest days. I know music is what I was
put on this earth to do.”

It was there that he developed his alter ego, “Mr. Chow”,
which signifies his desire to “eat”. In other words, attain
wealth to feed himself and his family. In prison “chow
time” is breakfast, lunch and dinner…and his drive to make
it in the music business had him starving.
MARZ returned home with that same energy and
got right to the music. He has released several singles
on SoundCloud, including the popular collabo with fellow
Brooklynite, FreshBeatz, titled, “10nb” (10 n better) and
SURVIVAL” ft. Raeliss, the dark, soulful tale of MARZ’ struggle                                 to make a change in his life and those around him.
Spit over a smooth, mid-tempo base beat, “SURVIVAL
speaks to the masses of young brothers fighting to
create positive opportunities for themselves.

He describes his music as aggressive and fun. “Some songs                                                      have a more serious tone but I also like to make fun music that                                            keeps people smiling and dancing.”

The self-described laid-back gangsta is passionate about his
music and the affect it has on his listeners. “I’ve gone through
many phases in my life and I’m still transitioning into the best
version of myself. I have definitely elevated from who I used to be.
Things I did before don’t interest me but the music NEVER 
left me. I want to make good music and spread my good energy
all around! There’s no better feeling than watching people enjoy
the music I’ve created.”

MARZ MUNNY’s just released his new mixtape, “DEDICATED” to rave                            reviews…13 bangers for your summer 18 soundtrack!

SoundCloud  Marz Munny
Instagram:   @mrchowmein
SnapChat:     MARZARATI
YouTube:      Marz Munny
FaceBook:    Marz Munny


Official Link to Marz Munny’s mixtape, “DEDICATED”:

Official Video for Marz Munny ft. RaelissSURVIVAL:






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