“sincerely kyah”


Southside Jamaica Queens rapper KYAH BABY is blazin’ through the competition and quickly making her way to the top spot.

She’s not just ‘good for a female emcee‘.  She will give your hardest spitter a run for his money and make you a believer. She’s already proved it by freestyling for some of the best DJ’s including  FUNKFLEX, DJ G MONEY and DJ ENUFF.

Initially KYAH didn’t take rapping seriously.  “I wasn’t into it at first but people would tell me that I was nice and that I should keep rapping.  I’ve been making music for about 10 years on and off. But I’ve been going super hard for the past 2-3 years. Now rappin’ is a lifestyle, a way for me to express myself in a positive way.  I make songs about my life experiences.  All of the people who tell me that hearing my story helps them get by, inspire me to keep making music.  It means a lot to me to know that my words have helped someone.”

She describes her sound as an Aaliyah x Left-Eye vibe.  “I just have a unique sound that is not being highlighted in “mainstream” music.  My music is like a Polaroid picture…one of a kind.”

And who is KYAH listening to?  “I mostly listen to R&B. I love The Weeknd, Party Next Door, Tory Lanez and Alina Baraz.  But lately I’ve been getting into new projects that dropped like NAS, Kanye, Teyana Taylor, N.O.R.E….and oh Sincerely Kyah by Kyah Baby!”

Her goal is to be more than just a “rapper”.  “I want to make a difference.  I want to bridge the gap between female artists and see us all working together.  I also want to see this game equally balanced between male and female emcees.” 

Her highly anticipated debut album, “SINCERELY KYAH“, dropped summer 2018. 38:00 minutes of pure bars that prove her freestyles were just the tip of the iceberg. Tracks like “Heart of the City”, Uncuffable“, “Cat 5” and “Sincerely Kyah” are a problem!

KYAH BABY’s crazy street buzz has earned her close to 500,000 views on YouTube! Queens we got another one!

Instagram:  @KyahBaby

Twitter: @KyahBaby

SnapChat:  @Kyah.Baby

KYAH BABY “Tunnel Vision” freestyle:


KYAH BABYWhat We Do” freestyle:



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