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IMG_4055Please meet the lovely and talented MS. ELLASTINA GOSEIN, Professional Massage Therapist and founder and owner of MASSAGE VIBES.

After graduating from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, she worked in some of New York City’s top spas, including The Spa at Trump Soho, The Red Door, The Spa at Glenmere, and Bliss World.

Ellastina has spent over a decade perfecting her skills in a wide variety of massage techniques such as deep tissue, swedish, sports, shiatsu, lymphatic drainage and myofacial therapy.

She is constantly adding to her craft with the newest and most effective techniques available to her clients…most recent being the Cannibis Massage.

The Cannibis Massage is a new technique consisting of a full body massage done with CBD rich cannabis cream and/or oil.

CBD, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis and is legal in all 50 states. CBD rich strains of marijuana and hemp are often used in a medicinal capacity.  Topical cannabis has become a popular way for people to alleviate their pain and still resume their regular daily routines without the side effects of being “high”.  Please note, it will not cause its user to test positive for THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) on a drug test.

CBD contains useful anti-spasmodic, anti­-epileptic, anti­-anxiety, and anti­-psychotic properties. It also helps with pain management, reduction of inflammation, increases penetration for deep tissue massage, alleviates muscle soreness, provides arthritic pain relief, soothes pain caused by skin irritations and increases relaxation.

The benefits of a Cannibis Massage are two fold, as the product’s properties not only benefit the client, but make for less strenuous work days on the therapist.

Ellastina also happens to be the ONLY Cannibis Massage Therapist in New York State, so don’t miss the opportunity to experience her one-of-a-kind therapeutic massage applied with her exclusive brand of massage oils in the comfort of your own home!

Visit to schedule an appointment, purchase Massage Vibes’ Releaf oil, Massage oil and merchandise!


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