Most people view anger as a negative action. August and Kyle, the creators of ANGRY KIDS Clothing, have a better idea.

“We want to spread the message that people should use their anger as a motivator. Have you ever heard the phrase “Pressure bursts pipes”? Well that’s what happens when you suppress your anger, the results can be disastrous. It’s all about channeling that angry energy into something positive. We propose that you use your anger as motivation to break through barriers and overcome difficulties. Don’t become angry and get violent, instead let it drive you to be great!”

August and Kyle are two childhood friends who got together and decided to start their own business and brand. “Until you own your own business you can’t be free. We wanted to prove we could do it while inspiring others. And since we both have used anger to motivate us in different life experiences, we decided to name our brand ANGRY KIDS Clothing.”

They name their biggest influencers as each other and their children. “We work equally hard on our brand and knowing that our children are looking to us for guidance pushes us to succeed. We want to show them a different life from what we knew as kids and teach them to have build their own empires.”

For the last two years they have been creating new and exciting designs for their brand. The exclusive line of limited urban street wear is both comfortable and trendy. It’s unique style and parallels urban culture and trends.

ANGRY KIDS Clothing’s most popular products are their Carpedim, Level-up and Classic signature T-shirts.

Thanks to savvy entrepreneurs August and Kyle, the words ANGRY KIDS now have a new meaning…

ANGRY: Ambitious, Noble, Gentleman, Reaching, You.

KIDS: “It’s not a kid, it’s a Goat…Greatest Of All Time.”

Individual styles and colors are not remade once they sell out, so hurry up and check out their website!

“We are Angry Kids Driven By Anger Designed To Be Great!”


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