new artist…AYE WUN

Introducing new artist AYE WUN, the self-proclaimed ‘Philippine Guilloutine’ from Queens, N.Y.

AYE WUN‘s lyrics slice like a Ginsu, killing any doubts you had about an Asian rapper’s ability to spit.

He was heavily influenced by Hip Hop music and fascinated by the art forms of emcee’g and graffiti. “I knew the names of all of the Wu Tang Clan members before I knew the names of the presidents on Mount Rushmore.” (Laughing) He is a huge fan of NAS as well as the incomparable Billy Joel.

He discovered his talent for rhyming back in junior high school. “I got started at a really young age. I was in the 5th grade when I discovered my gift of rhyming. I could put words together with ease and creatively expressing myself.”

“Life itself inspires me to make music. Just the everyday situations me and my people in Queens, and the rest of New York City, go through inspire me to tell our story.”

AYE recalls an earlier rhyme he wrote; “When I wrote my first rhyme/ I wasn’t thinkin’ about jewelry that shined/ I wasn’t thinkin’ about a dollar sign/ or what exotic dime Aye can recline, I was thinkin about…”

He continued to write rhymes in his notebook and challenge any willing competitor to a battle. As time progressed, so did his skills. “The more I rhymed, the better I became and the more serious I got about my music.”He uniquely describes his sound in one of his songs, “Wun Freestyle”… “Yo, I sound like a goretex jacket in a blizzard/ the human form of a drum pack by the RZA”. “So I guess thats how I would describe my sound. By comparing it to something that’s not even musical.

“My music gotta have soul in it and be unique. I am the artist that will forever do whatever he pleases creatively and never fit into a bubble or box. I have no rules or parameters when it comes to my creativity and art.”

He has traveled throughout the five boroughs battling competitors, building relationships and creating collabos with Hip Hop legends like Capone-n-Noreaga and The Beatnuts.

AYE WUN has three official projects out now…”The 1st Letter“, “Groceries” and “The Way Of The Bolo“, all available for listening and download on iTunes and Bandcamp.

“My goal as an artist is to stay free and to just get my props as an emcee. Anything else is extra. I do because I love music, it’s a part of my soul.”

Be on the look out for more music, merchandise, and creative content from the Philippine Guillotine.

Instagram: @ayewun

Twitter: @ayewun


AYE WUN “The way of the Bolo“:

AYE WUN YouTube Video:


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