new artist…EMGE

Introducing new rap artist EMGE from Bergen, West Coast of Norway.
His music career, in his words, just happened. “My friends and I were hanging together everyday making beats, skating and doing graffiti. It just came naturally in i think.”
EMGE’s dope beats and sharp lyrics mixed with his 90’s flow separate him from the pack. “I think my style is different cuz I’m still on that 90s boombap! Other rappers on that trap and what not. I make different types of records but the 90’s sound is the main ingredient to my style!”
EMGE describes his sound as soulful/90’s/some reggae/some hard hiphop. “I dig all these genres of music so I just write to beats that have a good vibe. I’m a huge fan of JayDee, KanKick, Method Man and every other raw 90’s artist. I recently discovered this Russ dude, I like his music a lot!”
He is currently working on his new EP, “The Good Vibes EP“. The first single off of the EP “Vibe with Me“, is now available on all digital music platforms.
Stay tuned for more new music from EMGE…He plans on following this project up with two more EPs, one loft and one hard hip-hop.
Please follow, download and listen to EMGE’s music on his Spotify channel. This rising star is one step closer to making his dream of become a full-time musician come true!
Instagram: @Emgezy

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