new music: F.C.F. “The Crew”

Introducing new group F.C.F. (Fam Come F1rst), with members 360, K-Star & DJ Takeova from LeFrak City, Queens, N.Y.

These guys’ desire to make music was inspired by their love for music and poetry. “We all loved music and poetry growing up, so it became an inevitable path as we matured.  We freestyled for one another and slowly gravitated towards the studio and began working on our craft.  The common goal within our circle was to use our imaginations to create amazing music.”

All three members of F.C.F. are from families who were tied to the music industry. “Our blood brothers paved the way for us pursing a career in music. We have been collaborating on music together for the last 15 years.

F.C.F.’s refreshing sound is a welcome change from the monotony we hear on popular radio. “We have an original sound and our music has substance. We pride ourselves on making honest music.  That’s how we connect with the fans. We’re not just using catchy hooks or mimicking what’s hot.We present a product that is true to us and it resonates with the listeners.

Although the music industry is flooded with millions of new artists and groups hoping to make it to the top of the BillBoard Charts, F.C.F. is determined to carve out their own lane.

They describe their sound as retro yet forward thinking. “Our music is thought provoking and unique. Our sound stands out from today’s norm, which works to our benefit. Now, more than ever, there is a growing need for new sounds that will take Hip-Hop music in a different direction.

The members of F.C.F. draw musical inspiration listening to the greats that came before them. “When we’re not recording we’re listening to NAS, TuPac, Lil Wayne, Drake, Joyner Lucas and so many other dope emcees.”

F.C.F. is currently working on two projects, their debut album, not yet titled, and an original music series titled, “The Mission“.

Outside of the group, DJ Takeova is working with multiple artists, hosting mixtapes and collaborating for an album of his own.

“Our goal as artists is to create material we love and the fans will love. We hope to use our individual talents to maintain successful music careers and eventually run our own business. We want to our music to break barriers and inspire other talented artists to follow their dreams.”

F.C.F.’s latest single, “The Crew” is currently available for listening and download on SoundCloud with the visuals on the Youtube channel.

The CrewF.C.F. ft. DJ TakeOva:

Official video for “The CrewF.C.F. ft. DJ TakeOva:


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