Ken and Lisa Ivy

Meet Ken “Professor Ken” Ivy, a combination of razor sharp wit, vivid personality and enough swagger for 10 men.  As a former pimp, yes I said it, pimp…Ken has mastered the art of “game” and how to play it…extraordinarily well.

Ken grew up on the tough streets of East Side, Milwaukee and by the grace of God he made it out unscathed. He now uses those same skills that helped him survive on the streets to catapult him to success.

He was already a legendary pimp on the street, then he gained world-wide fame after appearing on HBO’sPimps up Hoes down” documentary. After the show Ken went on to produce and star in his own movies. He released several DVD’s and documentaries that became cult classics, such as “Pimpology”, “Cross Country Pimpin”, “American Pimp” and “Best of Both Worlds”, which featured his very close friend and brother, the late Pimp C.

Ken then tried his hand at writing and wound up with two New York Times best-selling books, “Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game” and “The Art of Human Chess…A Study Guide to Winning“.

In his break-through novel, “Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game”, Ken demarcates between the value system in the streets versus that of mainstream America and the methodology of pimping as it can relate to gaining money and power in any situation.

In his second book, The Art of Human Chess…A Study Guide to Winning“, he expounds on these ideas as well as the theory that every decision we make in our lives is a “chess move”.  A move that can either put you in a position of power or be your downfall.

Fast-forward to 2018, Ken’s natural ‘gift of gab‘ has segued him into yet another phase of his career. In November he launched his new talk show, “In The Den W/ Pimpin’ Ken” on the YouTube Channel, where he sits down in his ‘man cave’ with a panel of distinguished men and discusses a variety of relevant topics including relationships, financial literacy and justice reform. “My show is hood fabulous! We talk about the topics everyone wants to discuss, from baby momma drama to financial stability.”,says Ken.

After only a few episodes, “In The Den W/ Pimpin’ Ken“, gained thousands of followers and subscribers. “The response was so overwhelming that I decided to add my wife Lisa to the show to broaden our audience even more. That’s how “In the Den W/ Lisa and Ken” came about. I have my “man cave” and Lisa has her “she shed“.”

“The most rewarding part of the show is being able to spend time with my wife, Lisa, while I’m at work. It adds another dimension to our relationship. I also enjoy being able to express myself in front of an audience, meeting new people and hearing their perspectives on different things and exchanging knowledge with the panel. We give some great advice and our fans can learn lessons from our conversations. I love giving back to the people in my community! Of course our ultimate goal is to see, “In the Den W/ Lisa and Ken“, on a major network reaching a national audience. We want to share our wisdom and be an inspiration to all people.”

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mr. Ken Ivy…entrepreneur, author and talk show host. Quite an impressive resume for a kid from the mean streets of Milwaukee.

Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself. Tune into the YouTube channel and check out new episodes of “In the Den W/ Lisa and Ken!

YouTube channel shows:

In The Den W/ Pimpin’ Ken“:

In the Den W/ Lisa and Ken:


Pimpology: the 48 laws of the game:

The Art of Human Chess…A Study Guide to Winning:


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