new artist…BFM.Shwaggyc


Introducing new artist BFM.SHWAGGYc from SouthSide Jamaica, Queens where you either trappin’ or you rappin’…he wisely chose the latter.

SHWAGGYc is a part of the BFM (Blue Face Mafia) Clique which is comprised of himself, BFM.FUEGOBFM.MARKYGz, BFM.CAPONE and BFM.MILAN.  They started out as a group of close friends making music together for fun and because it kept them off the mean streets of Queens.

BFM.MARKYGz realized he and his friend’s potential and eventually convinced the clique that they should take their music seriously.  “MARKY basically came to us like, we have all this clout bro and we’re making all this music, so we need to do something with it.  Not to be cocky, but we’ve been saucey, ya know?  Everybody in the hood loves our music, no capp.  It’s like we always had it in us, but we didn’t know where to start.”

BFM.SHWAGGYC grew up listening to Hip-Hop music as a fan, but when he heard the late Speaker Knockerz’ song, “Rico Story Trilogy“, it changed him forever.  “Speaker Knockerz’ flow was so tough and he was talkin’ that shit!  He made me wanna rap.”  Tragically, Speaker Knockerz died in March of 2014 at only 19 years old from a heart-attack before his career could reach its pinnacle.  Rest in Peace Young King.

SHWAGGYC prides himself on his lyrical dexterity and describes his style as ‘drippy sauce‘.  “My style is versatile.  I can blaze the track with some real drippy bars or I can harmonize over the track with a saucy singing flow.  I’m too flexible boy!”

He draws his musical influence from his favorite artists…the late Speaker Knockerz, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Gunna and Money Man.

SHWAGGYC is currently working on his solo project, while also recording a split album with the BFM (Blue Face Mafia) Clique.  The BFM EP will include several tracks from each artist.  “We have so many different styles of music flowing through our gang.  We ain’t playing fair.”

BFM.SHWAGGYc and the BMF (Blue Face Mafia) Clique plan to stamp their names in the game and have their music heard around the world, and from the looks of it they’re on their way.  Don’t be surprised if they make it on XXL’s FRESHMAN List 2019!


BFM.SHWAGGYc’s new single “HURRY” feat. BFM.MARKYGz on SoundCloud:



BFM.FUEGO’s new single “DRIPPERY” on SoundCloud:



Instagram: @BFM.SHWAGGYC




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