RAINCHeck live presents “Debbie’s Kids”

On Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 family, friends and supporters of videographer and film maker, RAIN RICKARDS, gathered at P.S.197 in Harlem to attend the premier of his debut film, “DEBBIE’S KIDS“, a cinematic ode to his late mother, DEBBIE BROWN-RICKARDS.

In the film, RAIN takes his audience on a journey through his life up to this point. He shares some of his most intimate thoughts and the personal struggles he’s faced as a son, father and young black man growing up in LeFrak City.

He tells of how his mother, affectionately known to all as MS. DEBBIE, embodied so much love and strength that his father’s absence didn’t affect his life as a child. “She was so strong and ever-present. She made sure we had enough love and support that we barely felt the void.”

“DEBBIE’S KIDS” also touches on how RAIN dealt with losing close friends and loved ones to violence and prison. Most notably, his best friend, TYSHAWN BIERRIA who was senselessly murdered in 2008 and his eldest brother, KYE BROWN, who is currently incarcerated in state prison.

A huge part of the film chronicles RAIN and his brother RUPERT’S trip to Jamaica, West Indies to visit their father whom they hadn’t seen in over 20 years. Reconnecting with your father as an adult is a scenario that too many of our young, black men are dealing with. The candid conversation and raw emotions captured in this film are sure to touch a lot of lives.

The authentic mood and real life situations drew the audience in emotionally. They laughed, cried, exhaled and celebrated with him every step of the way.

RAIN RICKARDS did an amazing job opening up his heart and mind to bring us this wonderful feature. Job well done!

Instagram: @RainCheckLive_Productions

🙏🏾 Sleep in Peace MS. DEBBIE, may your memory continue live on in our hearts 🙏🏾


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