The rap game has become repetitive in some aspects.  New artist, SAVAGE 5ive from Brooklyn, N.Y., is here to change that.  His mission?  To sew up the holes in the rap game with his tight flow.

SAVAGE 5ive uses his real life trials and tribulations as his inspiration for making music.  “I’ve experienced so many different facets of life and struggles in the hood, I just want to speak my truth and share my music with the world.”

Although SAVAGE only started making music in the summer of 2017, he is already spittin’ like a seasoned emcee.  He describes his style as ‘new school Boom Bap with exotic melodies‘.  We were introduced to him in summer of 2018, with his debut EP, “Savage 5ive: The Arrival”.

He prides himself on his deep understanding of music and melodies, and his high lyrical IQ which sets him apart from the vast majority of today’s rappers.  “I have at least  5 different rap personalities, hence my name, SAVAGE 5ive.  I can switch my flow to adjust to any track.”

He is influenced by his favorite artists, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, A-Boogie, Drake, and DMX.  “The greats in the rap game have a major influence on me.  I draw inspiration from their different styles and deliveries.”

SAVAGE has big plans for his budding music career.  “In the future, I will have a song in rotation nationally and internationally, perform at HOT 97’s Summer Jam concert and Power 105.1’s Power House concert, win a Grammy and go platinum.”

The universe is listening SAVAGE, talk yo shit!  With his unique flow and confident aura I have no doubt he will reach his goals, including his aspirations to own a major radio station.

SAVAGE 5ive is currently putting the finishing touches on his new EP ““5ive Day Weekend”, set to drop in March 2019, to be followed by “Good Friends Bad Habits” in the summer of 2019.

Follow SAVAGE 5ive on social media for music release information and upcoming performances.

Facebook:    Savage 5ive
YouTube:     Savage 5ive


Official link to SAVAGE 5ive’s ” The Arrival”:



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