New artist…FABB E. MULA

Introducing new artist FABB E MULA from LeFrak City, Queens.
Although music comes naturally to FABB, he drew even more influence from watching his uncle, Midnite Blu rap with his group Coalition Cartel in the 90’s.
“I’ve been around music my whole life and my music is inspired by my life. Being the father of a 6 year old daughter and watching her grow and live her life inspires me to go harder, not only as a father but as an artist as well.”
FABB describes his sound as extremely versatile. “My sound is me…cocky ,unpredictable, kind, giving, loving and a fucking asshole! I’m a Gemini and that reflects a lot in my music.”
Not one to write down his rhymes, he commits all of his bars to memory. “Lyrics come to me at random times. Sometimes I just zone out and have dozens of bars in my head. When I get that moment to write them down, it’s truly golden!”
Like many artists today, FABB is taking the independent route. He might just be what the game is missing.
“I spent years, going back to the late 90’s, watching from the outside and doing my homework on the game. I am special and talented and I honestly feel that I will be able to mend that gap between the rookies and the veterans in the rap game.”

He is very confident that he will deliver good, quality music with actual meaning behind it, unlike some of the charting songs we’re hearing on the radio these days.

“Don’t get me wrong, I rock with the music on the radio, but everything is LITERALLY the same and the majority of the songs don’t make any sense until you get to the hook. There’s no individuality.”

FABB is a fan of bonafide lyricists such as Lil’ Wayne, Max B and new artist Gunna. When you hear him spit, you’ll understand why.

FABB E. MULA dropped his sophomore project, “N.W.B.” on his birthday, May 25, 2019.

His lead-off singles, “Outta Site” and “Doin’ It Rite“are burning up the underground!

The entire project is currently streaming on all digital music platforms.

Look out for his deluxe edition mixtape in June, which will include 5 new songs and 3 remixes.

Listen to FABB E. MULA’s “N.W.B.” on the My Mixtapez App:


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