Brooklyn’s own…Chedda B


Meet new artist, CHEDDA B, from Brooklyn, N.Y. Oddly enough, he didn’t start out as a rapper, but you couldn’t tell that listening to his bars!

CHEDDA made the transition from manager to artist in 2012. “I actually never wanted to make music or be an artist. I aspired to manage talent and become CEO of my own label.” He attended Borough of Manhattan Community College where he received his degree in Business Management. “The talent I was trying to sign wasn’t serious enough about their music career, so I started picking up the pen.”

He describes his sound as fast-paced and versatile. He is musically influenced by the late, great Stack Bundles, T.I. and the Notorious B.I.G. “My style is different from other artists. It seems like everyone is starting to sound the same with auto-tune and mumble raps. I actually focus on having substance in my lyrics.” 

He plans to stick to his script and not change his style for any passing fads in the industry. “Rap music has changed drastically. I feel it’s dumbed-down now because of the current wave of artists who aren’t lyrical and a lot of rappers feel like they have to change their style and adapt to the times to be accepted.”

CHEDDA B currently has two projects streaming on SoundCloud…”Boss Don Music Vol.1” and “COCAINA“. Go check them out!

Instagram: @bosschedda

Twitter: cheddabmuzic

FaceBook: Chedda Boss


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