Allow me to reintroduce rap artist INNOCENT? from East New York, Brooklyn. There’s no question he has the ability to sit at the top of the BillBoards.

He started experimenting with making music in the mid to late 90’s when Hip-Hop was at its apex. “Writing is easy for me, always has been. I was a huge fan on of the culture before I got serious about making my own music in the early 2000’s.”

He is inspired by the fans and lovers of real Hip-Hop music. “Knowing my voice can be heard all over the world inspires me to create. And the fact that music can lead to financial security for my family is an added inspiration.”

INNOCENT? names his grandfather as his greatest musical influence. “My grandfather was my number 1 influence. He taught me how to really LISTEN to the music. He taught me how to dissect different instruments. As far as artists who influenced me, I’d have to name the Jungle Brothers , NWA, RedMan, RAKIM, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, LL COOL J, WuTang Clan, EPMD and GURU of GANGSTARR…shit I can go on for days! And all of my influencers are pretty much my favorite emcees.”

He describes his rhyme style as charismatic/genuine/smooth but still gritty. His humble but assertive spirit capture your attention while his potent bars grab you by the collar and look you dead in your eyes! “I’m a BoomBap lyricist and representative of real Hip-Hop. I am here to keep the fire going! I don’t pay attention to anyone else’s style, I just do me. That in itself separates me from other emcees.”

Not a new-jack in this rap game, INNOCENT? was the first underground Hip-Hop artist to have rap music played on the hit television show Law & Order! (Episode starring Fab 5 Freddy, Sticky Fingers and Bokeem Woodbine).

One of his favorite Hip-Hop memories to date is having the opportunity to shoot the music video for “Say Cheeze” with Rockness Monsta of Heltah Skeltah at 5 Pointz American Mural Space in Long Island City before it was demolished.

He is currently putting the finishing touches on “Escape 2 Alcatraz 2” EP, the follow-up to his underground classic “Escape 2 Alcatraz 1“, which featured some of Brooklyn’s finest…Shaz Illyork, Stuck B and Roc Marciano. Both projects are produced entirely by INNOCENT?’s innovative/Brooklyn-native producer, ALCATRAZ ED.”E2 A2“, is slated to drop in mid to late August of 2019 and is sure to be a banger!

“My ultimate goals as an artist are to work with as many of the artists I admire and grew up listening to, that I possibly can, and, of course, walk across the stage with a Grammy award in my hand!”

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