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North Philadelphia neighborhood Rap Star turned superstar, MEEK MILL (Robert Rihmeek Williams), can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief!  Twelve long years after MEEK was arrested at 19 years old on gun and drug charges, his criminal case has officially been closed.  After he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor firearm charge, Philadelphia prosecutors dismissed all remaining counts against him and the judge imposed no further penalty.  “MEEK free! I’m not on probation no more!”, he exclaimed, clearly elated to be free from the Philadelphia legal system.

FREE MEEK“, the gripping 5-part docu-story chronicles the tumultuous battle MEEK faced while fighting to end his case and maintain his life and music career while serving a 10-year probation sentence under the watchful eye of Judge Genece Brinkley, whose probation guidelines bordered on harassment and prompted MEEK and his legal counsel to ponder whether or not she had a personal ax to grind with the talented rapper.

MEEK was originally accused of allegedly drawing a weapon on Philadelphia Police officers of the Narcotics Task force during a drug raid.  He was bruised and beaten by 3-4 officers and then arrested.  Arresting officer, Reggie Graham, turned out to be a dirty cop who was later found guilty of lying to the FBI and falsifying warrants and other department documentation.  Immediately following the arrest, MEEK’s sister (Nasheema Williams) had filed a complaint against Graham for the brutal and wrongful arrest of her brother. After serving 7 months, MEEK was bailed out and granted time-served plus 10 years probation by Judge Genece Brinkley.  The judgement seemed like a dream at the time but turned out to be a nightmare that would last for 12 years…

Over the next 11 years of his probation under Judge Brinkley, he would be summoned to court 26 times for parole hearings and serve 3 different sentences for various parole violations.  Even after Graham’s cases were investigated, and all inmates arrested by him were released or given a new trial, MEEK’s appeals for either a release or a new trial were immediately denied by Judge Brinkley.  His legal team then appealed to a higher court to get him a new trial.  5 months into his sentence the Philadelphia Supreme Court overturned Judge Brinkley’s decision, overturned the 2008 conviction, granted him a new trial and released MEEK on bail.

And even worst, my judge black don’t wanna see me do well.  It’s either that or black people for sale.  Gave me two to four years like, “Fuck your life, meet me in hellAnd let it burn like Lucifer, you look even stupider. Tryna impress them people in power when power abusin’ us.  For 44 dollars a hour, you coward they using ya.  Is it self-hate that made you send me upstate?   This where the so-called “real niggas” sweeping up for cupcakes”, he spits on his track “TRAUMA” from the album, “CHAMPIONSHIPS”, which he dropped in November 2018 after his release. The album debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 Charts and was the number one album in the country.

MEEK is now the face of criminal justice reform and vows to continue his work as a criminal justice reformer with the help of  billionaires Jay ZRobert Kraft and Mike Rubin.  Mass probation is as big of an issue as Mass Incarceration, especially in the Black community.  4,540,000 people are on probation for a variety of offenses.  They can easily be sent back to prison for anything from a dirty urine to a travel violation.   Changes need to be made to ensure that there is justice for ALL.

A dope sneaker collaboration between MEEK and PUMA brings us the Clyde Court #REFORM basketball sneaker.  On the side of the glowing red-colored sneaker, there is a quote that reads: “WE HAD TO BE SEEN BECAUSE WE COULDN’T BE HEARD.” According to PUMA, the red color signifies the “blood and sacrifice of those who have courageously given so much fighting oppression and injustices over the last 60-plus years.”  The bottom of the shoe reads, “#REFORM“.  100% of net proceeds from the sale of the Clyde Court #REFORM sneaker will benefit The Reform Alliance, an organization working to radically reform criminal justice in America.

After the announcement that his case has finally been put to bed, MEEK MILL posted on TWITTER, “I’m extremely grateful that my long legal battle is finally behind me and I appreciate that it has sparked a much-needed discussion about probation reform and the inequalities that exist within our two Americas.”

FREE MEEK” is available for streaming on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO and his CHAMPIONSHIPS album is streaming on all digital music platforms.


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