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2020 is the beginning of a new decade where real Hip-Hop is returning and we are embracing lyricism and bars.  In other words, emcees with real talent are taking over.  No more bubblegum bars over hot beats!

This is the perfect time to reintroduce LYRICS to the world.  Born and raised in Edison, New Jersey, LYRICS came up during 90’s Hip-Hop, no doubt one of the best eras of Hip-Hop.  His older sister happens to be, Pamela Long, from the legendary R&B group TOTAL.  Being around the immense talent on Bad Boy Records at that time, how could he not be inspired to make music?

LYRICS began writing rhymes at age 12 and performed in local talent shows as a teenager.  He joined and left several different rap groups before finding his place with “The Union“.  The six-man crew was signed to Platinum Records and released one album, “Hard Labor“, before disbanding.  Although they only achieved minor success, LYRICS’ talent was displayed on a national stage and he had the honor of working with some of Hip-Hop’s biggest stars including the late, great BIG L, AZ, GURU of GangStarr, Cormega, Raekwon the Chef and more.

LYRICS was always the stand-out among his rap peers, known for his slick word play and witty metaphors.  “I am the master of the double entendreI’m a lyricist, a story teller and I utilize my extensive vocabulary to paint vivid pictures. I’m a modern-day wordsmithNot to sound cocky, but not too many rappers can put all that off.”

As I previously stated, the tide is turning and the fans are beginning to embrace the essence of pure Hip-Hop.  LYRICS is part of that wave bringing back authentic rap.  “I am a breath of fresh air!  I can spit crazy bars, switch it up and make a song for the ladies, then give you something heart-felt.  I’m so versatile!  I pride myself on being a true emcee who can show many different layers of myself through my art.”

LYRICS admits that if he wasn’t an artist he would probably be a chef.  He describes his rhyme style as an awesome combination of the best emcees to ever touch a mic.  “My style is a mixture, like a gumbo, made with a bunch of dope-ass emcees cooked in one pot.  I’m mean in the studio and in that kitchen!  I create my own recipes and all, just like I do with my rhymes and music. I borrowed a little something from each of the emcees I admire and stirred the pot to create my unique style.”

His all-time favorite rapper is Big Daddy Kane, followed by lyrical assassins KRS 1Kool G Rap, NASJAY Z and Tragedy Khadafi.  “Listening to the great lyricists who came before me and hearing new emcees really spittin’ inspires me to create. My favorite emcees to listen to right now are Rapsody and Nipsey Hussle.   Man, I’m influenced by so many rappers…Crooked I, J. Cole, Wu Tang, Boot Camp Clik, EPMD, Rakim, Kedrick Lamar, Pusha T, Fabolous…there’s too many to name.  But I’m a Jersey dude so I definitely have to mention Naughty By Nature and Redman, two of the illest acts ever!  And I can’t forget my bro from my camp, MattCleev, he’s bananas!”

LYRICS’ list of favorite emcees gives us an idea of the caliber of artist he respects.  Unfortunately, at the current moment, Hip-Hop does not have an abundance of this level of talent.  When asked what his opinion of the current state of Hip-Hop music is, he had this to say, “I didn’t like the state of Hip-Hop for a long time, but I’m starting to like it again.  People are starting to get sick of mumble rap and bubble gum music.  The fans want to hear music with substance and a message.  People are back to wanting to hear dope bars and that’s big for our culture!  The fans ultimately decide what’s hot and what’s not.  I’m a hip hop purist so I’m excited to see real rap coming back and battle rap continuing to grow.”

His latest project, “Judy’s Boy“, dropped in November 2019 on Black Friday.  He is currently working on a new mixtape titled, “A Dollar & A Dream Reloaded“, set to drop in the Spring of 2020.  He plans to drop another project in the Fall of 2020 titled, “Purple Notebook” and as well as a joint EP that’s in the works with his bro, MattCleev.

LYRICS is out here working!  He understands that the most important thing an artist can do is keep grinding.  “Lyrically, I continue to push myself every day to be the greatest version of myself possible.  I enjoy making good music that people can relate to and I love inspiring the youth.  I want to tour the world and share my music.  I’m striving to be at a point where I am mentioned in the same breath as the greats before me.”

His new music will be released through his label, Real Barz Entertainment.  Check out his latest release, “Judy’s Boy“, currently streaming on digital music platforms, and his YouTube Channel, MC LYRICS, where you can watch his visuals and freestyles.


YouTube ChannelMC LYRICS

Latest project  “Judy’s Boy”:





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