Fat Panda Tuan

Introducing new artist FAT PANDA TUAN from Germantown, Maryland.

TUAN hails from the 301 area, hometown of Rappers WALE, Philade, YBN Cordae, ShyGlizzy and Logic.

His father was a musician, so TUAN was introduced to Jazz, ChaCha, Old School Pop and R&B music early in his life. “My dad played the keyboard and the guitar. He played many genres of music including Jazz, Pop and R&B so I was inspired by those genres. Then in my teens I heard Hip-Hop and I was fascinated by the beats and rhymes.”

TUAN starting rapping in Junior High School with a group of his friends and continued through High School. Once he went on to community college to pursue a professional career in fitness, he put music on the back burner.

He worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and general manager for years but his first love, Hip-Hop, kept calling him back. “I was happy in my field of work but something inside of me felt a strong need to be expressed. I dealt with depression as a child and music was always very therapeutic for me. When I’m making music I feel confident and alive!”

In 2018 TUAN put all of his focus into music and adopted the moniker, FAT PANDA TUAN. He is in a unique club of Vietnamese rappers who are heavily cultured in Hip-Hop. Besides TUAN, there is TYGA, who is of Vietnamese and Jamaican descent. “Hip-Hop is my passion but I am also inspired by popular Japanese Culture.  I am into Anime, Manga and I am a video game fanatic! All of my interests collide and are incorporated in my music to create my unique sound.”

TUAN is a naturally humorous and energetic person and says his style feels like a good vibe. “I do a lot of melodic rapping and singing and my bars are creative. They can be funny and humorous yet witty and clever at the same time. I strive to make music that makes people feel good. I want to hype em’ up and empower them with confidence. I want my listeners to feel good and catch a positive vibe from my songs!”

TUAN is a huge student of the Hip-Hop game. He grew up listening to his favorite artists…Eminem, JAY Z, NAS, Notorious B.I.G, DIPSET Royce da 5’9, Lil Wayne and Dr.DRE.

“I am a huge Hip-Hop head! When I started rapping, I went back and studied Hip-Hop from 1988 and went all through the 1990’s. I studied all the greats that came before me like Kool G Rap, Boot Camp Clik, Sean Price, Pharcyde, Noreaga N Capone, Tragedy Khadafi and the list goes on…It is very important for me to pay homage to the legends. I also like new school artists Playboi Carti, Lil UZI VERT and GRISELDA.”

Although his favorite eras of Hip-Hop are the 90’s and 2000’s, he appreciates the current state of Hip-Hop. “Right now in Hip-Hop there’s a lane for everybody and so much variety. There are so many different types of artists and sounds for fans to choose from. It’s amazing how the music is growing and expanding.”

TUAN is excited about his new album and can’t wait to tour the world. “It would be a dream come true for me to perform in my home country, Vietnam and my favorite country, Japan. I really want to connect with the people and introduce them to my sound.”

FAT PANDA TUAN’s latest project is “Shinobi Tempura”. It is currently streaming on all digital music platforms, including Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and Tidal.

Instagram: @FatPandaTuan


“Shinobi Tempura”


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