38 Spe$h

38 SPE$H

Rapper, Producer and Record Exec 38 SPE$H is controlling the wrecking ball that is crashing through Hip-Hop and demanding respect for the town of Rochester, N.Y. The rural suburb is home to approximately 1 million people and, until recently, was unchartered territory as far as Hip-Hop was concerned. 38 SPE$H is making damn sure noone ever overlooks his town again.

38 SPE$H‘s introduction to Hip-Hop happened early in his life. His father was a DJ and his older brother an aspiring rapper. No surprise that he is musically gifted. “I was about six or seven years old at the time. My big bro used to spit his bars on the front porch and I would just sit there watching. He was my biggest influence, I wanted to be just like him.”

When he reached his teenage years SPE$H began writing rhymes for fun, but at this point rapping was a hobby. He often jumped into the neighborhood cyphers and battled the older dudes. “I was the little nigha that got busy with the freestyles! (laughing) It was fun going up against other rappers and they respected my skills. That’s the era I come from, an era of competitiveness. I have the most fun when I’m contending with the best.”

Fast forward to the 2000’s, SPE$H was now dropping mixtapes and gained recognition appearing on fellow Rochester native, DJ Green Lantern’s, SIRIUS XM radio show, “Invasion Radio“. His bars and blunt delivery were undeniable. His verses, loaded with strong punchlines, complemented each track one hundred percent. “There weren’t many rappers in Rochester, N.Y. then and I didn’t have anyone to model my style after. The result…a genuine article, ya heard? Authentic, raw 38 SPE$H. This is all me.”

Besides having one of the sharpest flows and distinct rapping voices in the game, SPE$H emerged as a phenomonal producer. A double threat, this guy is skilled at cooking up beats and producing tracks on one side of the studio, then stepping into the booth to spit pure fire. “I love them both, emceeing and producing. Writing rhymes is a more detailed, intricate process for me. I take my time with it. Producing music comes real easy to me. It’s like playing a video game (laughing). I consider my brand of music soulful/gritty. My music is comprised of different genres of music I’ve been exposed to and my raps reflect real life and different experiences I’ve gone through.”

SPE$H is inspired by supreme rapper/producer Kanye West and admires how his sound impacts whatever project he’s involved in. “No matter who YE works with, you can always hear his influence on the track.” His favorite musical artist is the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and his favorite rapper is 2PAC. “Michael Jackson’s Thriller” album is probably my favorite album of all time. And PAC, he had that pain in his music. I felt it, even as a youngster. He touched your soul when he rapped.”

Locked in and ready to make his mark, SPE$H started his label, TRUST COMES FIRST Music Group, recruiting talent from his neighbors one hour away in Buffalo, N.Y., Benny The Butcher and Conway the Machine and his around the way female protege Che Noir.

The floodgates were open…SPE$H and T.C.F. Music Group starting dropping mixtape after mixtape, vacillating between his solo projects and collaborative albums with his TRUST artists. Most notably “TRUST TAPES“, “THE BLACK SOPRANO FAMILY“, “SON OF G RAP” (a dope collabo with legendary emcee Kool G Rap), “38 STRATEGIES OF RAW” and “ARMY OF TRUST“. Several respected emcees appeared on these various projects including JadaKiss, Planet Asia, Styles P, Cormega and Fred da Godson.

In 2020 alone SPE$H released numerous esteemed projects including “6 SHOTS“, “SPESHAL BLENDS“, “LOYALTY and TRUST 2” and “1995“, featuring the single, “Round Table” where he declares, “Now I find myself in corporate places. They heard I made seven figures this year with no support from majors. And the mainstream market major, but I don’t need the mainstream to build an underground vault with paper. I’m a real street orchestrator and the drum that’s attached to my gun look like an alternator…TRUST.”

His latest release, “INTERSTATE 38“, boasts 11 tracks of hypnotic, melodic beats & raw lyrics that lull you into deep thought and entertain you at the same time. Track 1 “I-38” wastes no time setting the tone. “Aye yo, I heard ’em say I got the mind set of Jay, skill set of Dre, so it’s guaranteed that a billion is on the way…” Talk yo shit SPE$H!

Already the architect and mastermind behind TRUST COMES FIRST Music Group, the world has yet to see 38 SPE$H reach his full potential. “Man, I’m just getting started. Honestly, I started taking my music career seriously in 2018, less than 3 years ago. Up until then I still considered music a hobby. It wasn’t until the checks started rolling in that I felt like, oh okay this shit is really moving, let’s go! (laughing).”

READ THIS AGAIN…this man just decided to take his music career serioulsy after releasing over 20 grade A projects (featuring a who’s who of rappers and producers) and building his own label. Ya’ll rappers uneasy yet? In the words of the homie MRECK TV, it’s getting spooky out here…

TRUST COMES FIRST is not merely the name of his label, but the code SPE$H lives by. He is building his self-made music empire from the ground up, handpicking top-quality artists who are loyal to his vision. His intense work ethic mirrors that of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., dedicated and relentless. When asked if he ever takes the time to slow down or sleep, SPE$H replied, “NEVER. And if I doze off, it’s with a mic in my hand.”

38 SPE$H is clearly a man to watch. 2021 promises to be a fruitful year for this gifted emcee/producer and his T.C.F. family. Look out for projects from female powerhouse emcee, Che Noir, a collabo album featuring SPE$H and Conway The Machine and more incredible solo albums from SPE$H.

โ€œIn 2021 I ‘m looking forward to being recognized as one of Hip-Hop’s premier talents. And I mean this in the most humble way…there’s no way a conversation should be had about Hip-Hop and 38 SPE$H is not mentioned in it.”

Follow 38 SPE$H’s Instagram Page @IAMSPESH for new music and video snippets. Grab some dope merch from his website https://tcfmerch.com/.



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  1. This write up was very informative, I am fan of these guYs… the Authentic sound the reaL in Music… A whole new wave of music coming through to resurrect the NEw YorK easT Coast sound…

    Great article….!

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