Meet YOUNG WONDER and COREY COOL from Philly, blood brothers and partners in rhyme. Together they are Rap duo KUSHFAM and their latest single, “YIKES“, has the underground on fire!

Self-professed students of the game, KUSHFAM have a deeper undetstanding of the culture than your average newcomers. “We respect the roots of Hip-Hop. We listen to and study the greats. We’re not trynna be the flavor of the month, we’re in this for the long run.”

YOUNG WONDER and COREY COOL have been rocking since high school. “COREY’s cousin had a studio in his attic. We would go there every day after school and make songs ’till late at night. We rapped about everything from conversations we had to situations we were going through. We stayed in that spot!”

Coming up in the streets of Philly ain’t nothing nice, especially for young black men. “KUSHFAM saved us. There’s so many negative paths we could’ve gone down growin’ up in the hood. Hard to say where we’d be if we weren’t doing music, probably be up to no good to be honest.”

Their motto, “the UndaDawgs gon eat“, says it all. “Where we come from there’s struggle all around. You appreciate just making it through the day. You’re grateful for what you have and wake up tomorow ready to grind for more. It’s time for us to build an empire and break generational curses. We know our name belongs up in lights! We can’t wait to tour the world and show ’em what KUSHFAM is all about.”

We’re in a place where Hip-Hop tends to favor artists who follow trends and have gimmicks, KUSHFAM is a breaking that cycle. Instead of riding the wave, they created their own. An authentic sound with dope beats, expressive bars and thought-provoking lyrics…these boys rappin’ for real.

“We’re not trendy, we solid. Our music brings back that real rap and good energy! Right now, we feel Hip-Hop as a whole is in a good space. There’s a lot of talented artists out here holding it down, but there’s still too many artists who are not 100%. They had a name before the music and decided to rap just to get rich. They don’t have their hearts in it and the music reflects that. We gon’ always stay solid and make fly-ass, timeless jaunts.”

YOUNG WONDER and COREY COOL are influenced by legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Kanye West, DMX, DRAKE, FUTURE, JAY Z and Kendrick Lamar. “We’re inspired by the legends in this game, but the success stories of artists from our city like MEEK, BEANIE, EVE and FREEWAY hit different because they walked the same blocks we did and made it out. We up next!” 

KUSHFAM is currenlty working on their debut EP set to drop in the spring of 2021. In the meantime checkout the visuals for their latest single, “YIKES“, and other many other songs on their YouTube channel.

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