LSO LIL RENO is determined to put Vancouver, WA on the map and be the first artist from his city to go major. After moving to New York four years ago to pursue his music career, his hard work is paying off. His new single, “LAYDOWN” is heating up the airwaves on HOT 97 FM!

LIL RENO is a one-stop-shop for talent…rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and audio engineer. “Music is freedom to me. It allows me to showcase my creativity and passion without any limitations. I am inspired by family and my life experiences. I do it all! I rap, sing, produce and engineer. I even create websites, graphics and design merch. My purpose is to tell my life’s story through music and change people’s lives.”

He describes his style of music as melodic, passionate and versatile, which after listening to his albums, makes perfect sense. His suave delivery and high-spirited energy give his fans an amazing show every time. LIL RENO’s music fits into a variety of genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and Drill Rap. His musical influences include the late, great DMX, Lil Wayne, Pop Smoke, Travis Scott, DRAKE and T-Pain.

He has big plans to use his success to create a system that seeks out truly talented artists and grooms them for the music business. “I not only want to be a part of the culture, I want to contribute to it. I believe it’s time for a positive change, time for the future. There are a lot of artists who are making amazing music, but the industry needs new ways to challenge these artists to be great again and work harder. I believe that more effort should be put in on all levels of the industry.”

LSO LIL RENO is currently promoting his latest single, “Laydown“. Next up will be singles “Black Mamba” and “Cavity” dropping soon on all streaming platforms with visuals to match! Stay tuned for another solo project and a collab titled the “Splash Bros”.

“LAY DOWN” teaser




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