new artist…LIL LEEK

Washington, D.C.’s hottest new artist is here, LIL LEEK! Check out his single, “THEY DON’T KNOW“, currently streaming on all major platforms.

LIL LEEK was introduced to music by his dad, who is a label owner and executive in the industry. “I’m a music lover at heart and I’ve learned a lot from being in the studio with my dad. The jewels I’ve learned from my him along the way are priceless.”

Writing rhymes and making his music have always served as an escape for LEEK. “I’ve always been involved with music, writing in my spare time and saving money for the studio. Music has gotten me through every situation I’ve faced in life. A song can change my whole mood.” He has been writing rhymes since he was seven or eight years old and playing the saxophone since the 6th grade.

The messages and storylines in his music are totally relatable and speak to his audience. His unique tone, choice of beats and melodies put him in a class by himself. “My style is very earth and vibe centric. It’s a combination of dark, soulful, hippie vibes. My songs put you in a zone and take you to another headspace. Some make you think and some songs get ya head bobbin’! They’ll get you through pain and champagne showers. I create music based on my life experiences, so it touches you. It’s quite theatrical.”

LEEK is inspired by Lil Wayne and NWA, two of his favorite artists. “Their raw raps shocked and motivated me at the same time. After listening to them I was like WHOA, you really can say what’s on your mind! (laughing) Wayne is the best rapper ever! His versatility and word play are unmatched. If given the chance, I would love to collaborate with Wayne, Billie Ellish and Childish Gambino.”

LIL LEEK’s new EP, “SORRY 4 THE LEEK“, will be dropping soon followed by his “Debarge” project. “I want the culture to benefit from my music and get inspired and motivated to follow their dreams. Invest in yourself, believe in yourself and understand that no one is going to give you anything.”

He truly loves being an artist and is enjoying the evolution of his career. He aspires to one day own a record label and develop his own cannabis brand. We can’t wait to see what he does next!



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