38 SPESH, crowned King of Rochester, continues to reward his true fans for their allegiance. Fresh off the release of”7 SHOTS” in September, he’s back with another sturdy project. This time SPESH upped the ante, teaming up with super producer HARRY FRAUD to create BEYOND BELIEF.

BEYOND BELIEF consists of 10 original tracks blessed with SPESH’s staunch bars spoken over HARRY FRAUD’s hard-knocking, hypnotic beats. Features from WIZ KHALIFA, RANSOM, STOVE GOD, JIM JONES, CURREN$Y, ELCAMINO and GRISELDA‘s own BENNY THE BUTCHER and CONWAY THE MACHINE, bring this project full circle.

Be prepared to go on a wild ride through SPESH’s life and times, as each track paints a vivid picture and tells an uncommon story. The first track, “WARM WINTER“, sets the tone. “See, the challenge was to dodge prison. It’s hard going through hell with a talent that’s God-given.” Track #3 “TWO 23’s” featuring CONWAY THE MACHINE grabs you by the throat as soon as the beat drops! SPESH’s relentless raps, “Huh, you n***** ain’t the same as SPESH. I never send bricks to the same address twice. I might take a L on them squares, like a knight in a game of chess.” mixed with THE MACHINE’s gutty wordplay, “Killer Tone still be on go with his pole in his palm. I’m talking 223’s that’s Jordan LeBron. In the booth, like under my shirt, I’m hoardin’ a bomb“, create a perfect storm for 2:10.

One thing about SPESH, he will always show you both sides of the coin. He won’t glamorize the fruits of his labor without exposing the ills of street life and the adversities he faces because of it. Track #4, “LOVER BOY Interlude”, touches your soul. It features his late brother, Brian Harrell Sr. aka LOVER BOY, who was a huge inspiration to young SPESH and taught him how to rhyme back when he was THE SPECIALIST. “He used to sit in the mirror, act like he had a mic, sayin’ the shit, repeating the same shit. And he always used to be like, “Man, I’ma be a rapper.”


Track #7, “BAND OF BROTHERS”, featuring BENNY THE BUTCHER and RANSOM is another blazer! SPESH sets it off, poppin’ his boss shit, “I ain’t waitin’ til the label sign me. I had illegal empires that probably generate the same as Ghazi’s. I remember playin’ on them side streets, then I built the brand with brothers, like the Wayans and the Isleys.“. BENNY follows up with some more real raps, “Then I made a run in rap, gave it back and donated funds. Provided jobs for my neighbor’s sons. Built foundations to save the slums while talkin’ bout cocaine and guns.RANSOM does an impressive job closing out the song with his radical flow, “Get you killed for some grams of herb. Dirt cheap, first night home from prison’s the worst sleep. Violated the first week, I was raised on these cursed streets. An orphan to ’em. If you don’t bump into the devil three times a day, then you walkin’ with him.” BARS STILL MATTER!

38 SPESH and TEAM TRUST continue to release great music and stand up in the game like broad shoulders with no supporting major. Next up out of the TRUST camp is female emcee and producer, CHE NOIR. Her tenacious bars and powerful delivery validate her title as the first lady of TRUST. Her debut album is one of the most highly anticipated projects of 2023!

Go stream BEYOND BELIEF now! It is available on all digital music platforms. And stay tuned for the 38 SPESH And Friends BEYOND BELIEF TOUR coming soon to a city near you. TRUUSSTT!



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