Saturday, January 7th, 2023, Amityville Music Hall hosted THE CORMEGA EXPERIENCE, the perfect way for real Hip Hop heads to start the New Year! CORMEGA assembled a talented lineup of budding rappers to precede him and the live band DEEP COVA. Artists ROB MARKMAN, FLEE LORD, MUNCH QB, BONES BRIGANTE, and special guest, SHYHEIM of WU-TANG CLAN all brought their A-games to share the stage with Hip Hop music’s most successful and consistent independent artist, CORY McKAY a.k.a. CORMEGA.

MUNCH QB started off the live set with his blazing new single, “Early Morning Worm“, followed by a passionate performance by ROB MARKMAN. Battle rapper, BONES BRIGANTE, tore it down and treated the audience in a capella freestyle. SHYHEIM took us back to his ‘rugged child’ days before introducing his new artist, YAH SINS, and performing their new gripping single, “They’ll Never Get It“. FLEE LORD heated up the stage with his intoxicating solo performance QueensBridge style…very heavy on the sturdy bars and hypnotic beats. An impromptu performance by R&B crooner, MIKE SHOREY, who still sounds great, brought us all back to the fabulous 2000’s…a suitable segue to the main event.

CORMEGA, known to his die-hards as MEGA MONTANA opened up with everyone’s favorite MEGA song, and his classic ode to Hip Hop, “American Beauty“. The crowd went wild, rapping with him word-for-word, as he worked through his extensive catalog of early hits like “A Beautiful Mind” and “R U My Ni**a” up to the single, “Essential” from his new album, “THE REALNESS II“. He even performed a couple of FIRM bangers, “Affirmative Action” and “La Familia” (unreleased) before lending the stage to the live band, DEEP COVA, who did a phenomenal job entertaining the audience with their rich version of Hip Hop instrumentals.

I agree with all fans in attendance at Amityville Music Hall that THE CORMEGA EXPERIENCE was a most pleasurable encounter for true Hip Hop heads and those who can still appreciate dope lyricism, great showmanship, and genuine talent.

Do yourselves a favor and follow @Cormega for upcoming performance dates and venues while you stream his new album, “THE REALNESS II“. You won’t regret it!




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