comedian big t

BIG T found his passion for comedy later in life and describes his style of comedy as Raw and Unapologetic. His material is based on his real-life experiences and checkered past. “I spent years boozing, abusing drugs, gambling and getting arrested. I have stories for days! (laughing) Just the pussyficaton, and yes, that’s a word now (laughing), of the world, is ridiculous. I am not afraid to make light of my truth to make people laugh. We need more laughter in the world! Lots of people think their words and opinions are the only ones that matter. We all have a voice and the right to use it.”

He draws his comedic influence from his favorite comedians Joey Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Greg Giraldo, Bill Burr and the comedic style of hit TV show, “The Family Guy“. He dreams of performing his comedy routines in venues such as The Comedy Cellar and The Comedy Store. In the meantime, you can catch BIG T performing live on “The Ryan Show” at Five Spot in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Monday nights.

BIG T currently hosts a weekly show on his YouTube Channel, “Everything Big T“, titled “THC TV With Big T“, a really creative spin on the traditional cooking show. “Hey, what can I say? I love to eat and I love getting high so why not combine the two?” (laughing) On each episode, he makes a dish containing THC (THC is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana that gives a high sensation). If you love good food and great comedy, it’s the perfect show for you!

A self-made man, BIG T is also the CEO and head of quality control for his edible company, Bake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya which offers a variety of medicated treats and dishes. He also hosts a weekly internet radio show titled, “The Big T Show ” and is busy working on new comedy sketches and material for an upcoming show.

Check out his website, for updates. BIG T is definitely on his way to the big stage!

Instagram: bigtitsbigpics

FaceBook: Tom Farrell

YouTube Channel: Everything Big T



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