Meet DERRICK REBEL a.k.a PoorMan, the talented emcee from Baltimore, Maryland, whose candid raps are a breath of fresh air.

DERRICK began making music at 14 years old and describes his sound as a masterful mixture of old school and new school Hip Hop. He is inspired by the people and the culture to create music that delivers conscientious and positive messages. A welcome change from the violence in drill rap. “My lyrics are meaningful and real. I speak from my heart for the people and the streets, I don’t focus on what’s trending in the industry or on the radio.”

Derrick Rebel “Members Only”

When asked about the challenges he faces as an Artist, DERRICK had this to say, “My plan to navigate through this tricky music industry is simple…read, learn and execute. Stay educated, learn the business and be true to myself. Social media is probably the best platform out right now. It allows artists the freedom to market their music and share their creative visions on their own terms.”

Hip Hop is celebrating its 50th year and there are more new artists than ever. How does DERRICK feel about the current state of Hip Hop music? “I love the success Hip Hop artists are having right now! I just pray for more unity. Let’s support and inspire each other more. Being an older artist, I have a different point of view. I believe healthy competition is necessary, yet I still want to see everyone win. And uplifting the culture is a win for all of us.”

DERRICK REBEL’s latest project, “GOD’S MICROPHONE“, will drop this summer, July of 2023. Right now you can check out his new single, “BLOOD ON THE GROUND“, featuring ZAKEE, streaming on his YouTube Channel, @BmoreRealTalk.

Derrick Rebel Ft. Zakee “Blood On The Ground”


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