dj g money

Meet celebrity DJ, producer and podcast host DJ G MONEY, from South Jamaica, Queens. G MONEY’s skills are somewhat hereditary as his dad, Gary, was also a DJ in his younger days. Gary and his brother were a duo called “MONKEY and RAT’ from 40 projects in South Jamaica, Queens. “As a kid I heard […]

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dj a.z.

Introducing DJ A.Z. aka “MR.SEEIT2BLVIT” hailing from Rosedale, Queens. DJ A.Z. is of Haitian decent. He grew up in a strict household that didn’t approve of the Hip-Hop culture. “My parents didn’t allow me to be engaged in the Hip Hop world. I would beg my mother to spend the night over my cousin’s house […]

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new music: F.C.F. “The Crew”

Introducing new group F.C.F. (Fam Come F1rst), with members 360, K-Star & DJ Takeova from LeFrak City, Queens, N.Y. These guys’ desire to make music was inspired by their love for music and poetry. “We all loved music and poetry growing up, so it became an inevitable path as we matured.  We freestyled for one […]

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