new artist…Latinn Dinero

Introducing new artist Latinn Dinero from Brooklyn, New York.

Latinn started rapping in his sophomore year of high school. “I always wrote music, I was just caught up in the streets. I started taking it seriously about a year or 2 ago. I was tired of doing what I was doing on the streets. A lot of my homies were getting locked up or dying. I felt like I had to change my life.”

He describes his style as trap mixed with real new york rap. “I can really rap and I’m versatile. Feels like nowadays days it’s just about hooks and beats. You either have one or the other, I come with a mix of both. My verses stick out, they make you want to listen. My songs have catchy hooks with fire 16’s in between. I bring that breath of fresh air! I’m showing the youth both sides of the street lifestyle, as opposed to just the money, women and jewelry.”

Latinn Dinero is inspired to make music by those closest to him. “Honestly my team is my inspiration. Me and my brother, Stretchyyy with the durag, (he’s another artist on my label Krime Family Records) push each other to get to that next level. We push each other to keep going! Me and my homies have been through so many struggles. We came up from nothing, striving to make a way for ourselves and we’re still here!”

His favorite artists are Meek Mill, Max B, The L.O.X.,Big Punisher and The Notorious B.I.G. “Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Lil Baby, MoneyBaggYo and Roddy Ricch. I’m tuned into whoever’s talking that talk!”

He is currently dropping new music and building up his fan base. “I just dropped 4 new songs, 2 videos and my “Paid in fullfreestyle over Meek Mills’ Championships Intro” on SoundCloud. I’m going to keep applying pressure and working. When the streets start asking for the project, I’ll definitely be locked in and ready to give it to them!”

One of Latinn’s goals as an artist is to show the youth that there are positive ways to make it out of the hood and out of the struggle. “I want to let the youth know that their environment shouldn’t decide what they can be in life. I want to build provide jobs for my team and my family. When the next generation is naming their ‘Top 5 Emcees’, I promise you I will definitely be in that conversation!”

Latinn Dinero owns his own label, Krime Family Records. He and his team are making a lane for real rap again.

Instagram: @Latinn59Dinero_Kfr




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