Mr. Red Carpet

MR RED CARPET ain’t waiting on no lines, he’s walking straight up to the front.

A native of Fayetteville, North Carolina MR RED CARPET came on the scene in 2020 and stole the show. While the pandemic had some of us held hostage, he was out grinding and building up momentum, releasing two EPs, “STAMPED AND SEALED” and “JAPANESE STICK“.

His second EP’s title single, “JAPANESE STICK“, got the trenches going crazy. “I ran up a bag in jail, they wanted me bad to fail. I had to run ’em down with the stick, he ain’t have a chance to tell…When you talk to me, talk with respect. This Japanese stick leave a mess…RED CARPET is talking that talk, determined to prove his doubters wrong and get his weight up in the music game.

His high energy performances in local showcases had the town buzzing. He was something special and the fans and promoters were starting to take notice. Soon he was invited to tour with Ugly Money Neichi after winning their Ugly Money Showcase, booking him on tour dates in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Atlanta and North Carolina. This opportunity proved that his hard work was paying off.

He continued to tour, work on new music and rack up more W’s. Most recently he won the MOSS FEST in Tampa, Florida, the I WANNA TOUR showcase in Fayetteville, North Carolina and Memphis rap star, Moneybagg Yo’s BreadGang Tour Talent Search beating out 500 other artists! He’s back on they ass again…

RED CARPET admits he spent six years in Federal prison after some not-so-wise decisions, but is proud to say that he used that time to reset. Instead of focusing on the grim circumstances, he designed his grand plan and came straight home to live his dream. “That time I spent on lockdown was a minor setback for a major comeback. I started writing to keep my mind busy and the more I wrote, the better I got. I made a promise to myself that I would make it with the music and I’m getting to it. I work on my craft consistently. You gotta respect my struggle and my hunger.”

Fayetteville, North Carolina is like every other city in the world, filled with aspiring artists hoping to be the next big act, but RED CARPET isn’t leaving them much room. “In Hip-Hop music today 90% of the artists sound the same. My style is different and more versatile. I listen and learn from the greats like J PRINCE, PROJECT PAT, JAY Z, SCARFACE and my homie DON PRIVATE. We keep each other sharp and we’re ready to take over this rap shit. Even though I have a drill flow I don’t sound like everybody and my stage presence cannot be denied. There ain’t no cap in my rap, ya dig? My music is trending cus’ it’s real and it’s motivational. No matter how bad things seem at the the time, tomorrow brings a chance to move in a better direction. I’m living proof of that.”

MR RED CARPET is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming project titled, “PENITENTIARY BABY“, scheduled to drop this year. “My goal is to make history with this album and do what no other artist has done. I want to solidify my spot in this game and create a lane for my brothers to eat. Anything is possible when you stay focused, grind hard and believe in yourself.”

There’s no sweeping this rising star under the rug, he’s ready to shine! MR RED CARPET’s EP’s “STAMPED AND SEALED” and “JAPANESE STICK” are available for streaming on all digital platforms. Follow him on Instagram for new music alerts and upcoming tour dates.

Instagram: @redcarpet_1229


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