Sho B. new freestyle: “Boobie Miles”

IMG_2961SHO B. is back with some heat! Earlier known as Sho Ballotti of rap duo Final Chapter with Al Gado, his new freestyle, “BOOBIE MILES“, has the streets buzzin’!

For 2:26 SHO B. surfs all over the Hip-Hop banger “N****z done started something” instrumental by DMX featuring THE LOX and Ma$e.

Real Hip-Hop heads know that this beat never gets old.  SHO’s clever puns and caption-friendly bars caught the attention of Dame Grease, the original producer of the track.  Dame felt his bars so much that he agreed to produce it.  Now that’s a co-sign!

The official audio is now available on SoundCloud and the official video on YouTube. 

Instagram: @SHO57

Twitter:  @SHO57

SnapChat:   SHOB_57

YouTube Channel:  Sho Ballotti

Official Audio Link to Sho B.’s new freestyle, “Boobie Miles” on SoundCloud: miles

Official Video Link to SHO B.’s new freestyle, “Boobie Miles” on YouTube:


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