Rashaun Ali


Introducing rapper and producer, RASHAUN ALI, hailing from New York City.

RASHAUN was inspired to make music at a very young age. He learned to play piano by memory, never learning to read sheet music. “Learning piano this way allowed me to tap into my creative side. I make the best music when I create it from the heart. Seeing people enjoy what I made from nothing brings me happiness. Sharing my music with the world is my true inspiration.”

Growing up between Harlem and the Bronx helped to shape his unique style. He has been rapping since he was in middle school and still has the very first mixtape he recorded. “I still have that mixtape from 2010 sitting on my shelf at home (laughing).  Rapping was cool but then I needed more beats to rap on, so I began producing my own music. This led me to having full control of every aspect of my music.” 

RASHAUN sets himself apart from the majority by simply being himself. “I am not trying to be anything that I’m not or sound like any other artist out there. I’m not trying to sound like I’m from the streets. I just want to give it to the people raw and show them who I truly am. And I believe I have a presence in my music that people can feel and identify with.”

Hip-Hop has a huge void and RASHAUN is here to fill it. “Hip-Hop has been missing an emcee like myself for almost a decade now. About 10 years ago J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Drake hit the music scene’s mainstream. Since then we haven’t had anyone with unique, thought provoking music that’s from the heart who has managed to stay relevant. I really think it stems from artists not being genuine, but instead attempting to fit in with whats labeled ‘hot‘.”

He describes his style as melodic and punctual with a diverse set of flows.  “The fact that my rhyme flows are versatile and I make most of my own beats puts me in a different bracket. I do not strive to make beats that cater to the mainstream. I create my own unique sounds.”

His musical influences range from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to the Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, The Lox, Eminem, Kanye and Pharrell, which easily explains the versatility he possesses. “My goal as an artist is to touch people through my music. I want to create music that provokes thought, that is life-changing and means something. I never cared about the money or the accolades. I aspire to make music that people love to listen to. That makes me happy and that’s all of the currency I need!”

RASHAUN ALI is currently working on his new project, yet to be titled, slated to drop mid-summer of 2019. He is currently in Europe, mainly the Czech Republic, performing at huge venues with the most popular artists in the country. Keep your ears open for that new EP, but in the meantime check out his amazing new single, “EXODUS“, available for streaming on all digital music platforms. The visuals are available on the YouTube Channel.


Instagram: @RashaunAli

Facebook: Rashaun Ali

Twitter: @RashaunAli



Rashaun Ali – EXODUS (Official Video)


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