Let me be the first to put you on to A.R. IMMORTAL, the hottest artist coming out of QueensBridge Projects in New York City.  In case you were wondering what the A.R. stands for…it’s an acronym for Always Remember. The perfect moniker for this unforgettable and explosive emcee!
“I’m from Queensbridge, on the 41st side of Vernon, where everyone has a story to tell.  And I’m here to tell mine, not have it narrated from the perspective of someone who’s not in my shoes.”
He started out working as a studio engineer until he was challenged by a rapper.  “One night I was in a studio in Milwaukee engineering for a rapper and I fell asleep during the session.  He got angry and we exchanged words. He said something to the effect of, “Let me see you do better.”  We starting battling on the spot and it was on from there!  At that moment, I realized that I belonged inside of the booth.”
A.R. is the opposite of what you see and hear on mainstream radio.  He describes his style as Raw and Unfiltered.  “Simply put, I am one of one.  I flow based on the motivation I have for what I’m about to do. Whether it’s a cypher, solo song, feature song or a live show, I have the ability to adjust my energy and flow accordingly.  I ain’t flossy and couldn’t care less about designer clothes or diamonds.  I am focused on making music that shows the world how people in my position are living.  I want my listeners to be able to envision what I’m thinking and feeling.”
He recorded his first song in 2018 after years of working on the boards engineering for other artists.  His musical influences include some of Hip-Hop’s most lyrical emcees, RakimBig L, 2Pac, Big Pun and DMX.  “I listen to these artists when I need to set my mind right or I want to get into a certain vibe.  2Pac is my all-time favorite rapper though, followed by NAS and Immortal Technique. Tech inspired me to want to learn more about the world around me and opened my eyes to the country I live in.”
A.R. is currently working on a joint project with fellow Indie Artist, TONY CASEANOVA.  “TONY is one of the most dedicated and hard-working artists I know. We’ve been in his studio cookin’ up a couple of tracks that’ll hit you in the chest!  Shout out Skrilla Muzik!”  A.R. is also working on his debut EP slated to drop in the Fall of 2021.
“Touching people with your music is the most amazing thing about being an artist.  I want to reach as many ears, in as many countries, as possible!  I want to meet and connect with as many people on the planet as I’m able to through my music.”
Check out A.R. IMMORTAL’s new music on digital music platforms such as iTunes, Tidal, Spotify and SoundCloud.
Instagram:  @AR_IMMORTAL
FaceBook:    AR IMMORTAL

A.R. IMMORTAL official video for “DIRT“:
A.R. IMMORTAL official video for “For The Culture (Hip-Hop)“:

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