TERRENCIOO, multi-talented song writer and producer, hails from Lefrak City, Queens, N.Y. His debut project “HOOD GRAMMYS” dropped in September. This album is wonderfully unpredictable! His well-tooled production merged beautifully with the underground’s hottest prospects…THAT GUY MARZ, JARICK, SUPERSTAR RAH, BIG BOSS MULAA, 90 WYSE, STONE HARDEN, MIGS718, MANNY WAVE and MIKEY POLO, who all contributed to the success of this multifarious album.

Although he’s new to the game, music has always played a part in his life. “Growing up my Mom played music every day. A lot of Hip-Hop and R&B. She is probably the reason why 50 CENT is my favorite artist! (Laughing) As I grew older, it came to a point where I didn’t want to just listen and watch anymore. I wanted to be in the mix. I literally started making music ONE year ago. I am so proud of myself when I see how far my sound as a producer, writer, and executive producer has come in a short period of time. Creating my own sound brings me joy that I haven’t felt in a while. I feel free!”

A former football player, (offensive lineman for Christ the King High School and Southern Connecticut State University respectively), TERRENCIOO likens his style as a producer to being a quarterback who controls the boards. “I’m something like a mastermind. I create the plays in the studio and my team executes them perfectly. I have 7 songs on my album with zero vocals from me, just a bunch of fire collabs! I am here to progress New York City’s sound. I’m creating music that makes me proud, music that I won’t be afraid to play for my grandchildren. The ultimate goal is to make music that will be enjoyed for years to come, not be phased out and forgotten in a few months.”

Inspired by some of his most-liked artists Bby Kodie, Metro Boomin, Baby Keem, and Trippe Redd, he aspires to one day become a master producer like DJ Khaled and Metro Boomin. He prides himself on growing his sound and his fan base organically. “Interestingly enough, social media doesn’t have much of an effect on my career. My unique style challenges the narrative of New York’s current sound, which is primarily Drill Rap, and puts me in my own lane. Music is too predictable right now. Everyone just waits for the next trend to pop off, then tries to recreate that sound. I would rather see music progress and evolve. All artists should showcase their unique sounds and just make music that feels good without considering what others might think. We are all one-of-one and that’s what makes this dope. It is essential to be yourself because most of the people involved in the music industry are fake.”

It is so refreshing to come across an Artist who is not afraid to step out of the box and give the world a new vibe. And as his provocative drop utters, “Thank you Terrencioo.” Yes, thank you TERRENCIOO for being brave enough to stand out instead of fitting in! By the way, when you hear that drop please know that some heat is soon to follow!

This young whiz kid is not afraid of sleep deprivation, hearing the word “No”, or persevering through tough times. He is ready to face all of the challenges that come with surviving this game. “HOOD GRAMMYS” was his amazing introduction to the industry. He is already back in the lab working on a new project with MANNY WAVE expected to drop in the first quarter of next year. Be on the lookout for exciting new music and visuals from TERRENCIOO and friends in 2023!



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