Businessman and entrepreneur, WALTER KING, comes from a bloodline of tenacious hustlers. He owns and operates three businesses, NY CONSOLE KINGS, his mobile video gaming truck business, LITTLE KINGS AND QUEENS PARTY PATROL and LITTLE KINGS & QUEENS FUN PLACE, an interactive family fun arcade center.

WALTER knew early on that he wanted to be his own boss. After graduating college, he jumped in feet first. “My introduction to entrepreneurship started when I was fresh out of college. I started my own mobile video gaming truck in April 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I didn’t seek validation from anyone, nor did I care what anyone thought about it. I saw it, I visualized myself doing it and I did it!”, he says.

He has been very successful in his business endeavors and credits excellent customer care and attention to detail as the keys to maintaining his flourishing businesses. “Outside of the unique aesthetics the LKQ Fun Place offers, I make sure our staff goes above and beyond to address the needs of all of our customers. When you walk into my arcade, you will almost feel overwhelmed because of how polite and friendly everyone is. I am very selective about the employees we hire and make sure to train them thoroughly on what is expected. I mean, our reviews speak for themselves. If you google any of my businesses you will not find anything less than a 5-star review. Our hard work is paying off.”

WALTER is heavily inspired by his sister, Wy’ Quasia who also serves as his mentor, and his Mom, who is quite the savvy businesswoman. “About 2 years into my business, someone who owned an arcade reached out to me and wanted to discuss doing business together. I was on the fence initially, but I decided to go and hear what he had to say. He was willing to give me 50% of his business for 50% of mine in return. It sounded nice! I mean, who wouldn’t want a huge arcade? I wouldn’t have had to put any money up because it was already built. Literally, turn the key and I’m ready to go.

After speaking with my family, more specifically my mom, I decided against it. My mom gave me the greatest piece of advice, “You don’t ever get into bed with someone you don’t know.” She told me I was going to start my own arcade and she was going to help me do it. And she was there for me every step of the way! Honestly, knowing I had my mom in my corner made things much easier, especially when I had periods of doubt. Sometimes you need that extra push, my mom was that push for me. She’s a person who takes huge risks and bets on herself. She taught me to do the same and it made me a better businessman.”

How did WALTER stay motivated during the difficult beginning stages of his entrepreneurship journey? “My family is my biggest “why”. I’m racing the clock right now to create financial freedom for my whole family. My mom is 64 and she’s still working. My dad is 65 and he’s still working. I want them to have the ability to do whatever they desire, whenever they desire. That’s what kept me going during the tough times because there were definitely days when I was ready to throw in the towel!”

This CEO not only enjoys the fruits of his labor he also partakes in the entertainment. “My favorite game is Call Of Duty WarZone, on the PlayStation5 of course! What kind of business owner would I be if I didn’t use my own product? (Laughing) We live in a time where this generation of children and teens would turn on their game systems before they venture outside to play tag. Most of the kids in this generation are HEAVY into gaming and less apt to read a book or go ride a bike. Some people criticize gaming, stating that it is detrimental to children’s social and cognitive development. To them I say, there are positives and negatives to everything. And gaming has its positive attributes as well.”

And so I asked, what are the positives of gaming? WALTER explained that children who indulge in gaming have increased hand-to-eye coordination, greater multi-tasking abilities, and are faster and more accurate decision-makers. Wow, who knew? I guess Moms and Dads will have to stop yelling at their children to turn off those game consoles!

WALTER is determined to teach the next generation how to be independent businessmen and women through gaming. One of the best parts of LKQ FUN PLACE is the game streaming room. “The really cool thing about our game streaming room is that we designed it to mock a wall street corporate office. Each child sits at their own business cubicle while gaming, complete with a keyboard, mouse, computer screen and headset. Each child even has their own log-in information and server they must enter in order to communicate with the other gamers. We designed it this way so that kids can simulate running their own businesses through gaming. This is deeper than gaming, it’s a fun learning experience.”

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. And being a young, black entrepreneur is even more challenging. WALTER is influenced by other successful black businessmen such as Steve Harvey, Jay Z and Earn Your Leisure duo Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings. He acknowledges his biggest challenge as a business owner is consumers attempting to take advantage because he is “Black Owned”. “Customers come to LKQ FUN PLACE and complain about how expensive we are, yet they will go and spend the same amount, or even more, at Chuck E. Cheese or Dave and Buster’s. Listen, all of 2022 my slogan has been, “My price is my price”. I will not apologize for my company’s prices because I am confident that you cannot find what I offer anywhere else. My shit is like Universal Studios in your backyard!”

WALTER’S longterm goal is to expand his company nationwide. “Fuck what the people in my hometown think or whether they support it or not. I plan to open LITTLE KINGS & QUEENS FUN PLACES all across the country! Cali, Florida, Texas, ATL..that is the ultimate goal. It’s so much bigger than Westchester and that’s what scares me at times…then I remember I am built for this CEO life!” 

Here is a message to other young black business owners from WALTER KING: “To my young, black business owners please understand this. A LOT of your support may not come from your own people and that is okay. Focus on the people that DO support you and give them the best service ever!” 

Ready to have some fun? LITTLE KINGS & QUEENS FUN PLACE is where you want to be! The dynamic facility offers before/after school programs and all-day virtual assistance programs. The arcade is open to the general public on evenings and weekends for gaming, video streaming, basketball, trampolines, virtual reality games, a 3-level indoor soft playground, a battle cage and an outdoor basketball court!

Little Kings & Queens Fun Place is tons of FUN for the whole family! Plan your visit now at:


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