New artist…BlueFace


The newest drip in Hip-Hop is West Coast rapper BlueFace BleedEm a.k.a. BlueFace.

Although he enjoyed rap music and listened to 50 Cent, G-UnitThe Game and Snoop Dogg, being a rapper was not his dream, being a quarterback was. In high school he was the star quarterback at Arleta H.S. which earned him a full ride to Fayetteville State University. He dropped out after a few months after being benched over the senior quarterback.

He moved back to Los Angeles to live on his own after leaving college. Growing up he was too busy with school and football to get caught up in the street life, but now he found himself hustling and actively bangin’. Little did he know that a visit to a friend’s studio was about to change the direction of his life again.

At the studio he was randomly challenged to rap over a beat. He wasn’t about to back down, so he spit some bars he had typed in his phone earlier for fun. After hearing the playback he fell in love with rapping’. His friend, who we all know as music producer, Laudiano, agreed that he should take music seriously.

He adopted the name BlueFace BleedEm due to his association with the School Yard Crip gang and began to work on music with Laudiano. His first song, “Dead Locs“, produced by Scum Beats dropped on Soundcloud and has over 6 million streams to date!

In June 2018, he released his debut project, “Famous Cryp” followed by his second EP in September 2018 titled, “Two Coccy” who collectively have over 15 million streams.

Blueface released his song “Respect My Crypn” in October 2018. His off-beat style of rapping earned him a comical meme that went viral and boosted his popularity. One month later he was signed to Cash Money West, the West Coast branch of Birdman’s Cash Money Records label.

BlueFace shocked the internet again in December of 2018 when he previewed his new song and the video for “Bleed It“.  The video, directed by Cole Bennett, debuted on the Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel and amassed over 2 million views in just 24 hours! Not bad for a guy who had no intentions on becoming a rapper.

Earlier this year BlueFace broke into the Billboard Hot 100, at number 75, with his track “Thotiana”. He released it as a single then remixed it with YG and then Hip-Hop’s new Queen, Cardi B.

BlueFace is following Soulja Boy’s blueprint and crushing it! Keep an eye on this rising rap star.





Official link to BlueFace  “Thotiana Remix” ft. Cardi B:

Official link to BlueFaceBleed it:








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